Monday, June 8, 2009



“What do you know?”

This is the question.

But the answer has nothing to do with information memorized and on tap in the mind. Can we possess facts, own information?

Not any more than a refrigerator should imagine it possesses the mayonnaise stored inside it. Jars come in, jars go out; food arrives then goes away again.

If the refrigerator takes this temporary condition personally, as its own identity, wouldn’t that be silly?

When a brain decays, presumably all of the facts it has labored to log and maintain fade away. All that was known is known no longer.

Our bodies are meant for more than this. More than for gathering facts that dissappear into the oblivion from which they came.

Our bodies are precious and finely tuned instruments. They are bridges and conduits, antennas for perceiving not only the finite, but the infinite.

They can detect the path to knowing, to knowing as arriving, to knowing as . . .

Being There.

While just thinking about all this is a detour.

The thinker should not be the driver along this path, but only a passenger, someone who can comment on what is already happening (if asked).

So, perhaps the answer to the question might be something like



  1. YES!!!!!!

    'surplurb' ;D

  2. I don't know why this post makes me happy.
    Not being identified(only)by transient parts and now facts. I was just reading Acts and wondered how much people were guided by old prophesy verses allowing what is to Be, to be revealed in the moment.
    Boy that had to have been tough. A prophesy needing to be fulfilled and seeing scripture laced with then real time interactions with Spirit(s).
    Our bodies are finely tuned instruments...bridges conduits and antennas for perceiving All. I so agree. Apparently my brain / heart is being calibrated again. I know its required although scary sometimes. The possible scientific story I am tiring of, has something to do with the 3 tiny ticks I pulled off my arms recently. My favorite drum has a painting of a space like tick looking thing. Well, miss natural got antibiotics. Just wonder how tuned in I 'm going to be after this weather passes. ;-) Yes ,I truly enjoyed this post.

  3. "So, perhaps the answer to the question might be something like "Yes!""

  4. I experienced a dream vision this morn where I was reaching for something way in the back of the fridge while crying deeply, it remembered me to this post. Thanks for all you give CD!

    Hindsight, Forsight, Nowsight!


  5. The answer is Yes, we know what we know and it grows always and forever...and when everything is thrown up into the air and the Universe shakes it high in the sky...the truth will always land on it's feet...God only knows where!

    Love this post!