Saturday, March 26, 2011

Universal Underworld

According to Carl Johan Calleman, March 9, 2011 marked the beginning of the First Day of the Universal Underworld.  This is the ninth and last underworld, which (as Calleman believes) ought to culminate in a state of unity consciousness for all mankind.

I guess we'll have to see about that, since at the moment it doesn't seem that certain segments of the human population are likely to stop behaving like barbarians and the devil's henchmen any time soon. Be that as it may, it is interesting to note some significant activities occurring on and since that date.

Calleman writes that there are nine "underworlds" (cosmic time periods), each corresponding to a unique phase in the development of life consciousness in the universe. They all started at different times and are of different lengths, but every one of them is scheduled to end on October 28, 2011. Each underworld is composed of thirteen alternating "Days" and "Nights" which may last years or centuries, depending on the overall span of the underworld involved. The Universal Underworld is the shortest one of all; its Days and Nights lasting only eighteen chronological days.

Based on his research in relating these Day/Night periods to actual historical events in the past, Calleman has assigned certain energies or themes to them.  The theme for Day One (which ends today) is "seeding."  What could "seeding" mean to planet earth and its human populations?

Alert observer Frank Zweers offers a clue by posting the seismic data displayed at the LISS (Live Internet Seismic Server) on March 9, the beginning of Day One of the Universal Underworld. Compare the chart below to the one above from March 26 (today). Zweers says that the LISS stations:

"had gone mad during the night. All graphs from allover the world had peaked unusually. It struck me as strange, since I never have seen such a blackout before. Normally the graphs are full of quiet lines except for a few stations where an earthquake had hit, now all stations had gone bazurk. Could this be the activation of the Ninth wave? The frequency of Earth seemed to have heightened during the nightly hours everywhere."

(The LISS live feed can be monitored at

What does this seismic data of March 9 suggest about the massive 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan March 11? Calleman weighs in on this question with an article reproduced below:

Was the Japan Earthquake Related to the Mayan Calendar?
by Carl Johan Calleman

In the discussions about the meaning of “2012” suggestions have commonly been made that we would be approaching a time filled with so called Earth Changes and natural disasters of different kinds to the point where it has sometimes been presented as if this would be all that the Mayan calendar is all about. Especially in the light of the terrible disaster that has struck Japan only a few days after the beginning of the 9th wave it then becomes natural to ask if this was predictable based on the Mayan calendar and if there are more such to expect for instance in the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Earthquakes have their origin in the continental drift, which is caused by convection streams in the mantle rising from the hot interior of the Earth. As these convection streams cause tectonic plates to move tensions between these plates will be created on the surface of the Earth and when these are released enormous energies may give rise to disasters. As I have presented both in Solving the Greatest Mystery of Time: The Mayan Calendar (2001) and The Purposeful Universe (2009) the continental drift in general has its origin in the alautun shifts of the Mayan calendar that in the Mammalian Underworld was behind this drift. In this very general sense you might say that all earthquakes (and Volcanic eruptions) have an origin in the shifts that the Mayan calendar describes.

Given that an alautun is as much as 63.1 million years long and the size of the continents there has however hardly existed any basis for making detailed predictions as to when and where an earthquake may strike. To my knowledge no one has been able to provide a convincing pattern relating smaller Earthquakes to the Mayan calendar even though serious attempts have been made (see for instance William C. Treurniet’s There are many factors complicating such predictions and so for instance while some sources claim that there has been an increase in earthquakes over the past decades for quakes 3.0 and above on the Richter scale the US Geological Survey maintains that the number of quakes of 7.0 (which are potentially of a disastrous nature) has remained constant over several decades. I see no reason to question their general assessment even though today with the high population density all over the world there is always a very serious risk that large numbers of human lives will be lost.

Nonetheless, I tend to believe that the terrible 9.0 quake that hit Japan was directly related to the beginning of the Ninth wave. There are a few reasons that I believe this to be the case. The first is that already on March 9, 2011 a very unusual pattern was apparent in the printouts of global seismographs (as observed by Frank Zweers: see This observation was made before, and lasted until, the actual quake in Japan took place and showed that something was in the works already as the energy of the Ninth wave first started to come in. The other reason to believe that the quake and tsunami in Japan was actually related to the beginning of the Ninth wave is the astonishing parallel with the great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. Both of these quakes, and the tsunamis that followed, happened as a new wave in the Mayan calendar began, the one in Lisbon at the beginning of the Planetary Underworld and the one in Sendai at the beginning of the Universal.

The one in Lisbon hit several months (on All Saints Day) after the day on which the new wave had been activated, but given that this wave had a much lower frequency this is what you would expect if you saw it as an immediate effect of this. The strength of both quakes has been estimated to 9.0, and there were in both cases also many aftershocks. They occurred at exactly the same latitude and not far from opposite longitudes on the planet and this is again exactly what you would expect if they were related to the shift in the Mayan calendar. The logic here is that as a new wave is activated changes take place in the interior of the Earth in order to create a new form of resonance to the human beings. While the Seventh Wave favored the back side of the planet (where Lisbon is located) the Ninth Wave is expected to favor the front side of the planet (where Japan is located). If this reasoning is true we would look upon these two quakes as reflections of adjustments in the interior of the Earth that are necessary to mediate the information from the Cosmic Tree of Life to the human beings.

The Lisbon quake in 1755 is considered one of the most devastating of all time and prompted the development of modern systems of surveillance. It also had strong repercussions of a philosophical nature and so for instance Voltaire argued that the creator overseeing this world could not be benevolent as he allowed this disaster to destroy a whole capital of Europe taking more than 100,000 lives. In a similar way I know some people are now asking if the 9th wave that seemed to be designed to bring unity consciousness will bring many natural catastrophes such as earthquakes. Could there be a benevolent plan behind this? Before we place judgment on the intelligence that created this cosmic plan I feel we should be aware that it is not necessarily an easy thing to manifest such a plan without causing some harm. In fact, paleontologists argue that plate tectonics, which only the Earth has among the planets of the solar system, is a necessary pre-requisite for the evolution of life and so without earthquakes we would not be here in the first place. Such intellectual arguments obviously do not ease the pain of someone who has lost a daughter or a husband in an earthquake, but for others it may help us understand that there is no evil intent behind the creation of plate tectonics on the part of the Creator.

I thus think that plate tectonics and earthquakes are a necessary side effect of the creation of resonance between the human beings and the Earth and that when a new wave starts its interior structure needs to undergo change. I also believe that this is a time when we need to show our solidarity with the Japanese people and offer help in the ways that it is in our power to do. My own view is that we should continue to focus on the transformation to unity consciousness and praying for and sharing the experience of the Japanese people is exactly an expression of this. I do not believe that there will necessarily be an increased frequency of strong quakes in the time to come (there was for instance not such an increase after the Lisbon quake), but this is only a guess. Yet, while we always have a choice as to how to look upon reality I believe that what will lead us forward is the light. Maybe the Earth is now adjusted to mediate unity consciousness to the human beings, which remains our highest purpose and presumably also that of the cosmic plan.
6th day of the Ninth wave
March 14, 2011, 6 Eb

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Divine Mother

In the silent, hopeful moments before dawn an image sometimes presents itself of a mankind preparing to live angelically in this world rather than as the devil’s henchmen.

I see people for whom truth is the only frame of reference. People whose personal darkness of despairing demons has been reconciled and saved, ending the curse of eternal damnation; people who have chosen consciously to serve the sacred in order to extend compassion into a wounded populace.

As the First Day of the Universal Underworld draws to a close, I lend my prayer to those of many others:

May this planet no longer be called “a man’s world,” but rather honored as the abode and manifestation of the Divine Mother. I pray that this material maternal being which has nurtured every living creature be respected and acknowledged, and her forceful movements seen for what they are.

In this way earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and erupting volcanoes may be understood not merely as physical seismic events, nor even as irruptions of mankind’s collective unconscious into manifest reality,

But as expressions of a powerful living Presence

Whose voice needs to be heard.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Psychosoma

In his article “Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain?” Chris Carter quotes Schiller, Bergson, and James:

“The brain is not an organ that generates consciousness, but rather an instrument evolved to transmit and limit the processes of consciousness and of conscious attention so as to restrict them to those aspects of the material environment which at any moment are crucial for the terrestrial success of the individual. In that case such phenomena as telepathy and clairvoyance would be merely instances in which some of the limitations were removed.”

The point is well-taken, but seems incomplete. I would suggest that it is not merely the brain which transmits and limits the processes of consciousness and conscious attention, but the entire organism. The human nervous system depends on sensors throughout the body to monitor not only its relationship to its environment, but its own inner functions. Although much of what happens on this level is below the threshold of consciousness per se and occurs autonomously, it nevertheless impacts and affects consciousness.

Moreover, the effort to become more “conscious” takes the form of increased body awareness. Those who are engaged in self-inquiry or therapy may discover impacted emotional nodules, many dating from the first moments of life, lodged in their psychosomatic regions. These also serve to “transmit and limit the processes of consciousness and of conscious attention,” usually in neurotic, conflicted ways. Part of the work of enlightenment, as I see it, is unraveling these knotted complexes of emotional energy within so that they cease defining a person’s awareness along their limited pathways.

Typically such complexes and neuroses operate beneath the surface of our awareness and are fairly invisible until something happens to expose them. The triggering mechanism irritates the complex and makes it irrupt into action. This is usually an unpleasant experience not only for the person with the complex but for anyone else involved, as it represents a breach of immature, regressive patterning into the waking present.

For anyone actively seeking emotional healing or “expansion of consciousness” however, such events present an opportunity for higher-order healing. “You have to feel it to heal it,” the old saw goes, and the feelings that arise when impacted emotional nodules erupt are anything but fun. The typical tendency is to quickly repress them, which is why such nodules remain inaccessible somewhere in the psychosoma.

The higher energies flooding our solar system suggest however, that triggering mechanisms on the planetary and personal scale are going to continue to escalate, forcing both individuals and societies to deal with hidden issues that need to be resolved and healed. Balance and wholeness are needed, and anything that no longer contributes to these must be ejected.

In this process not merely the brain, but the entire psychosomatic organism, will begin to operate from a more rarified state, and its corresponding transmitting and limiting of consciousness will attain a higher level of functionality.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Psychic Heliocentrism

Four hundred fifty years ago the typical European believed the Sun and all other planets, indeed the entire universe, revolved around the earth. Copernicus set this false concept on its ear by looking into his telescope and noticing that the facts were otherwise.

And while a corrected reorientation of cosmology ultimately formed in the intellectual framework of general mankind, this shift has yet to occur within his deeper psyche.

If we posit the Sun as symbolic of God and the earth as symbolic of personhood, an emanation of spiritual reality into manifestation, it is clear that mankind as a collective has continued to believe the entire cosmos revolves around himself.

The “me” dominated (and denominated) mentality so prevalent everywhere is behind all expressions of control, manipulation and domination of others. In the scientific, political, economic and even religious realms, the concept of ME trumps all other considerations.

This “me” may be expanded to include a community, a tribe, a business, a state, or a nation – but the principle remains the same. ME must be defended at all costs. ME must succeed, ME must overcome, ME must live and not die!

At this point it must be acknowledged that such an attitude of virulent self-preservation is destructive and reflects psychic immaturity and ignorance – much like the geocentrism of the 1600’s.

Wisdom is recognizing that what one had imagined “special” about oneself is both ordinary and expendable, and only the divine within is precious.

Psychic heliocentrism comes about through a shift of focus to the heart-space, in which the ego is relegated to its proper role as an orbiting functionality around the divine Self, eternally intimate with God.

This transition of consciousness, one must hope, is accelerating throughout the world. But it does not come about through reliance on ideation.

Political parties, for example, are by definition and default separating entities that depend on the egos of their members for cohesion, and whose underlying goal is to subsume all opponents. The same can be said for nation-states. We will not help the world by taking sides on issues, but rather by becoming “side-less” within ourselves.

By reorienting from a perspective in which the center is “me,” to one where the center is the true Source and Foundation of “me,” we begin to live out a new paradigm.

The wisdom that comes from this will reveal how we can most effectively serve the global transformation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Celebration of Crisis

“Consciousness is a continuous process of unfolding,” writes Thom Cavalli, “punctuated by dislocations and reunions.” These dislocations are necessary so that opposite polarities of consciousness, which are incomplete in themselves, can view each other clearly and make the adjustments necessary to come into synthesis and reunion again.

Such dislocations may come in the form of crisis, an abrupt intrusion of imbalanced energy into what had seemed a stable field. Under the influence of this intrusion hitherto hidden psychic factors make their unexpected appearance.

Crisis serves to expose polarities that have been suppressed by the prevailing order. Polarization manifests the Yin/Yang in its more extreme states – a turbulence we interpret as chaos and experience as disorientation and distress. And yet such chaos can be a necessary prelude for those opposing polarities to be reconciled.

In the realm of self-awareness, the Yin/Yang polarities are represented by consciousness and unconsciousness. Within a person's unconscious are repressed patterns (called shadows) that reflect our disenfranchised self – ways we have been, things we have experienced, that we intensely dislike and so push out of awareness. Being unconscious, they can irrupt into waking life without our quite realizing what is happening or the part we are playing in it.

To bring one of these patterns into consciousness requires dreaming it awake – luring it into objective view where it can be witnessed in all its luridness. Such a dreaming awake usually produces an uncomfortable situation thoroughly infused with the wounded qualities of our suppressed psyche, a drama in which antagonist and victim seem indisputably identified.

Once such a psychic polarization has occurred, an opportunity for resolving that irrupted pattern is at hand. The shadow cannot be effectively confronted until it has manifested consciously, therefore bringing it out - through dreaming it awake - is a necessary (though extremely difficult) part of the healing process.

When the urge becomes overpowering to assume some past role, along with the familiar (though usually unpleasant) emotions that role dictates, this is a signal the shadow has emerged from unconsciousness and is parasitically living through us. We, as host of this unintegrated manifestation, assume its unconscious state and therefore offer no resistance to its imbalanced energies.

In fact, the natural propensity is to identify with superficial characterizations (victim, perpetrator, etc.) and fully accept the shame these roles prescribe. Nourished by this, the shadow drinks from the intensity of our involvement in the drama it has unleashed. After filling up at the pump of our darker emotions it can slink back unnoticed into the unconscious until hungry once more.

In that moment when the shadow seems most powerful – in its outward manifestation – it is paradoxically also most vulnerable. Here is the point of intentionally “dreaming it awake,” for in bringing unconscious content into view we have the chance to sooth and balance disturbed and distorted portions of our psyche that are usually beyond reach.

Taking advantage of this weakness is challenging however. To begin with, we must recognize that the conflict is not really between, or about, external parties. Anyone involved in facilitating this process is a friend, provided our overreaching intent is to be healed. Nevertheless it is we ourselves who must do what seems impossible when the shadow is ravenously stalking – namely, not feed it.

“Not feeding it” means not allowing the shadow (which will feel like us) to embody whatever emotions (self-justification, self-vindication, blame, etc.) the situation seems to bring up and entitle us to. Nor can we simply numb out. Rather, we need to be consciously present with the intensity of the uncomfortable feelings that arise - while doing nothing to either express or expiate them.

If we can sit in this nerve-jangling state, giving all those wild and wounded emotions our fullest compassionate attention - while simultaneously denying them their usual destructive discharge routes - we will be performing a microcosmic salvific act. The energy that would have continued to feed our sense of disempowerment, as personified by the shadow, will be retained for consciousness and fuel our own awakening.

By surrendering to what had seemed like death – and not dying – we will experience a resurrection that institutes a new and true awareness of personal empowerment.

And what had seemed a hopeless crisis will transform into joyful celebration.