Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not Bored

Not Bored

I sat in a technical-intellectual meeting for hours – and wasn’t bored.

It wasn’t that I understood the content, far from it. THAT was a needle’s eye my mind wasn’t willing to go through.

But something else became highly interesting, even completely absorbing:

I noticed how good my right foot felt inside its canvas sneaker.

Amazing sensations arose along the toes whenever I wriggled them a bit. Soon the arch and heel contributed their own tingly pleasures.

But that wasn’t all.

The shin was also in good shape (feeling-wise) under its pants, and the knee was having a very good time being knee-worthy.

As I put attention on the various regions, hips, back, arm, etc., they ALL contributed favorable status reports.

Meanwhile my left foot also started making its presence noticed in a very agreeable way. After a moment I couldn’t tell whether the left or right side felt better.

All this inner activity was far more satisfying than what was going on around me, namely death-by-indoctrination.

Not every bodily sensation was warm and fuzzy, though. Conditions in some regions of the CD biosphere were not totally ideal – for instance there was a certain weirdness in the stomach, a slight tightness in the shoulders.

Still, there was a definite sense of pleasure in paying attention even to these.

And so . . . time passed easily as I communed with the waves of life movement flowing over, under, around and through this mysterious presence which goes by my name.

Some other day, when I’m bored, maybe I’ll try to figure out what happened in the meeting.


  1. LOL! What great Sunny Conditions in some regions of the CD biosphere! The AWEsome thing is in actually 'feeling' all the inner weather conditions, Rain, snow, ice, violent storms... I am really just beginning to get the hang of being with the passing vibes on the inside and it really does enable us to predict a brighter forcast on the outside huh? Our inner Sun is always shining in there, we just don't always percieve it. Love the smiling toes, how fun CD!

  2. Ok you are WILD. I got a few really good laughs out of that one. I was so there with you ;) I don't know what is going on with me but I find myself floating away from a lot of chatter. Pretty much did that most of the day as the people I was with have tons of info they get real excited about sharing. Take care of those little piggys OK?