Saturday, June 6, 2009

Always Saying Goodbye

Always Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is an experience we hate, and run from at full speed.

Nevertheless, we are saying goodbye each moment to everything in that moment.

“We will come back,” we think.

We will come back to the people, to the situation.

They are not gone for always.


Even if we DO come back to them, are they the same ones we left behind?

Are WE the same that left them behind?

Is ANYTHING the same?

Life’s whirlpool of mystery is continually threatening to drown all human understanding.

Someday, perhaps it will completely do so.

And someday (we hope) all “leaving behind” will itself be left behind - forever.

Someday everything that CAN be taken away will be GONE.

Then there will be nothing left to lose.

That will be the end of all fear and hope.

That will be the beginning of eternity.

The beginning of the unending.

But till then,

We are always saying goodbye.

"Always Saying Goodbye," Another Count Down original tune.


  1. Only LOVE can withstand the flow...WOW you go man! That's AWEsome! Loved seeing all the different post pics too. Thank you!

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  3. I talk a lot about polarities, and here is a classic one:

    Attachment and loss.

    I am suffering from this one big time at the moment.

    The more attached you are to something, the greater the feeling of loss, and the harder it is to say goodbye.

    In fact, goodbye is way more polite than what is actually being said when something you hold dearly is taken or ripped from your grasp.

  4. It's that feeling 'ripped' part that comes up, the energetic condition under that thing or person that we percieve as being taken away or 'ripped' from us that is actually being pulled up by the roots because it no longer serves us... huh? It's those blocked twisted 'energies' that have actually ripped our perception apart, have kept us from percieving that all our seemingly scattered pieces are truly whole.
    How is it possible to say good bye to anyone when the truth behind the veil is that we are all One? Maybe it's why we say "good" bye and "Hell"o. The ripping up and out of us, that energy that is so painful. But it's always for our highest good. I 'feel' that way when the gratefulness wells up for that person or thing that came into my life to reveal it to me, and also feel the pain of missing them or it... another polarity.
    Having a heart 'condition', feels like a heart attack though huh?

  5. oK i must tell you ALL that i have always been accused of being annoyingly intense ( i am smiling) this slow and easy sunday morn i was urged out of bed go and see what is written, Did a laying on of hands to my frozen pc, it worked,and there you all are so so so very wonderfully HERE you are ALL here( giggles)Hello goodbye hello goodbye ask aa question get a rainbow odf answers." How is it possible to say good bye to anyone when the truth behingd the veil is that we are all one?" Anon asks. REally good point/? When we are potty training some kids dont want to flush . Its really too sad to say good bye. Really i'm not kiddding. Just like the womb environment that sustains and grows life, if it doesn't let go at the proper time sure death for mother and child. It 's a sacred thing to be honored(letting go) for Wisdom is truly our guide and friend. Then like Ruth says,
    after saying good bye is it not more possible to say hello? " What do we say hello to?" I fell it is another oppurtunity to realize underneath this reality is forever real and unchanging LOVE
    All of us revealed in our true essence. Roll the dice there is NOTHING to lose!

  6. I thought is was interesting to end the tune with a picture of Christmas and presents. I have never liked that time since childhood. And we always got lots of stuff and 'happy' decorations. I dont really decorate or do gifts. We paint or sing , have some sort of experience instead. The kids accept it and I guess I have become the family x-mas joke. I do appreciate visiting others who care to bother with all that spirit. I know there may be room for a bit of integration around this feeling but I don't believe in gift giving, usually.
    I guess I feel the same way about the traditional marriage. How many times have we seen or experienced 'big stuff' only to watch it dissolve. Why bother, save your money and the blissninny bullshiot. I guess there may be room for a little integration here too. sigh....
    Well, all and all, i agree with your depressing video. Love the pics with mother and child.
    Really appreciate all of you dimensions.

  7. Hopefully we will learn to say 'goodbye' to Dogma and judgemental labels, even if it appears to us as though we are integrated or enlightened. 'Being' 'Spirit' or 'Presence' just is, right? I guess that is why it is best to 'BE' with what is. I am often judgemental about Mothers and children. Like when I 'assume' someone is poor or on crack and I say to myself " Geeze, have another kid why don't ya!" Or, people are so busy making money, they neglect them, whatever the case may be.
    But how totally limiting is that!? What do I know about the destiny of a child, or anyone? Life is a gift when we are present in spirit, gifted by the grace of being with 'what is' even when it may appear to us as 'Traditional Bullshit' or we think 'happiness' is now a swear word because it has been sounded out to express a perceptual error, and perhaps we are taking it so far that we miss the point. 'Who' the hell do we think we are, when we think we can discern true bliss and whether or not another has experienced even a millisecond of it that has perhaps put a slap happy grin on their face they now can't erase, or not...yada yada yada. People have 'used' the sacred and distorted truth all throughout history, but why do we always seem to want to throw the blessed baby out with the bathwater?
    Bye-Bye baby!

    Hmmmmmm, just lot's more for me to integrate too huh? Too funny, and it's so freakin' hard to 'contain' myself and find my balance on this soap box! HELLO! I appreciate the tugging on my trigger and the gift of this post lol

  8. HEY ANON....just want you to know I had a genuine smile ,wait, " a slap happy grin" your whole comment. I, in this very moment feel quite integrated. Hey, it happens ;-)

  9. I really liked , " we think 'happiness' is now a swear word because it has been sounded out to express a perceptual error..." Bullseye Brother!
    My... my, what a mind.

  10. That would be Bullseye 'SISTAH'! But being all ONE it's about 'TRANSEXDENCE' huh?

    I was feelin' fired up lol Thanks...
    really appreciate! ;D

  11. Okay, I will open my big mouth just once more and share that I hesitated about posting that comment but went ahead anyway, and as I was reading your responses, my whole body began to tremble and my hand actually shook with vibes of fear. Even though your acknowledgements were very loving and supportive, it was as though I was experiencing my own little Earth Quake...such is the beauty of Divine's the experiential realization of those intense energies that grace us with insight, the K'-Now-ledge, the in-formation that moves us deeper in-to- greatness within our heart... huh?
    I am deeply grateful to feel my poles shifting a little. <3

  12. Thank you ( Anon), your courage to speak ypur truth helped me too.

  13. Count,
    Guess what ?
    I reread this post and really enjoyed it, ESPECIALLY your song! I think it is beautiful with a true and in the end inspiring message.
    Zat is so strange how weeks and several views can can shine a light and show the way of Truth and ultimately Peace. I look forward to your next tune!? :-)