Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dream Self

The Dream Self

After the dream is over you wonder how you could have been fooled by its ridiculous premises.

Why was your dream self so afraid and cautious? Why was it so self-protective and petty?

The experience was only a dream, after all. A toothless monster, a ghostly film appearing in consciousness, soon to be vaporized by the light of wakefulness.

Why did your dream self not act boldly, courageously?

Why did it not display love and compassion?

Why did it not risk itself for the highest achievements?

You awaken and are embarrassed by your dream self.

You feel ashamed of its seemingly limitless stupor, its uncanny ability to stumble and fall, to be awkward and ignorant.

In the light of day, it is easy to see what your dream self could have done better.

Next time, you say.

Next time my dream self will forget its personal interests and embrace the great beyond.

Next time it will be true.

Next time it will really be . . . me.


  1. Through being who we are not, we realise who we are.

    That is the point of the dream.

    Our dream self is there to be integrated by our real self: love.

    Love contains all and integrates all.

  2. Dreamy post and picture CD! Yeah, it's like we're always being shown where we are feeling ourselves trapped, caught up in and clinging to the dream of time, manipulating and trying to control...the more we see and feel our manufactured dream self, the more we are able to surrender and let go and live more fully in the dream God is dreaming for we awaken more and more to Gods' dream we real eyes our timelessness...huh? I'm grateful to be growing in wakefulness and feeling a little more and a little more like the child of God we truly are.

  3. ...Hey ya, it's like our 'Twisted Tricks Of Fate' are revealing our 'Divine Destiny', really appreciate this post CD, it's a real eye opener! lol

  4. Count,
    I love your questions! I love your questions!
    They are mine too.The pilot light within me is turned up into a fantastic flame. For next time, this time, I AM , We ARE conscious courageous contenders. Oh, I am so IN !

    "To live more fully in the dream God is dreaming for us." Anon you got it, cha cha cha.


  5. Ya uh huh, "Twisted Tricks OF Fate' are revealing our 'Divine Destiny'"
    God likes to keep it interesting.

  6. It's like the Turtle is loving that person in dream time. Even a kiss. How very Seaweet.
    Magical Memories Manifest Marvelously <3