Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Fat

Too Fat

I was driving down the road and the car just wouldn't go fast, everything passed it by. Finally I looked underneath and saw that the tires were too fat. They were rubbing against the frame.

So the painful, plodding trip went forward in slow motion, agony stretching into infinity.

Then a view opened to a cheese factory where blocks of cheese were being processed for shipment. Ladies in sanitized gowns stood by watching for anything that might go wrong.

At that moment they saw a block of cheese that was oversized, didn't fit the process. Quickly they knocked it off the line so it didn't obstruct the others.

Into the reject tub it went.

Too fat.


  1. Well with this post, I feel the Yogi/Runner within being roused, time to take shape shifting to a higher level lol!(CD, it's just not cool to sneek around the Universe peeking at peoples' scales!) ;)

  2. hummm? ok ok I admit it, 7 lbs over and its really slowing me up! Tomorrow is always a good day to fast...
    Crazy Boy!

  3. May our hearts always tip the scales!