Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Pier

The Pier

Extending out into the river was a narrow wooden pier that floated upon the rippling waves, steamy in a warm afternoon sun.

This was a place I liked to come, to sit inches from the flowing Willamette and breathe deep the serenity of water and sky.

But one day I discovered, in my favorite spot at the end of the pier, a wedding ring lying.

No one was around to query or alert – I was alone with the immense discovery.

And how often does a person find a wedding ring?

It was a simple gold band such as many people wear. No initials, no engravings, no distinguishing marks beyond the scratches of being long worn.

Was it lost? Abandoned? Left by accident? Left on purpose? Did someone want it back? Or never want to see it again?

And . . . why me? Why did I find it?

Why was a wedding ring waiting at the spot where I like to sit on the pier, on the day I decided to go to the river?

Why was it suspended over moving water, the universal symbol of spirit, and not on the shore somewhere?

The event seemed so improbable and strange that it had to be staged – some kind of cosmic communication.

Was it a message about someone else’s life? A message about mine?

So many questions floating by . . .

Drifting downstream . . .

Passing on a river of spirit . . .

Easing past the reach of rational answers . . .

. . . till I could ponder them no longer.

And so,

Thankful for meeting the wondrous wedding ring,

I sat down in my accustomed spot at the end of the pier,

Inches from the flowing Willamette,

And breathed deep the serenity of water and sky.


  1. Why is it that YOU can make me laugh so???
    I am sure I will have more to say but right now
    I am just with a 'slap happy grin'.

  2. Earth and Sky married in our hearts!

  3. I was entertained by your questions.
    However my Heart got wrapped around the plain Golden wedding band. In that is so much symbolism.
    When one soul conveys to another, " My experience of Life, Love and God is enhanced when I am with you...I commit my life to the highest good and to Spirit. Will you walk with me?... I have no expectations and I can offer you no guarantees. I do know that I will enter the Heart of Hearts and that journey will be difficult and sometimes painful. Will you share this cup with me?"

    That's it. It is like a commitment to journey through Life, to Be with another. How beautiful and precious is that?

    I have never known personally anyone who had this kind of Love and Marriage. I trust it is rare, exceptional and divinely orchestrated.
    To even talk about it I feel like I am standing on Holy Ground.

    The golden ring has no end and no beginning.
    To even realize the profundity of that to radiate with the Son.

  4. “To even realize the profundity of that to radiate with the Son.”

    I suspect 'Ultimately' it's more than likely such an incredibly high frequency to touch even briefly, containing it, beyond WOW. It makes perfect sense that the forces that be, who are of lower energy and thrive on our pain body would want to suppress it with such a powerful manufactured program.
    I ‘understand’ the absolute importance of each person loving themselves unconditionally, in firm unwavering, committed responsibility to integrate their own programming that leads one to the inner alchemical marriage within. In my experience, touching and feeling our Jesus or Mary vibe, even a small dose, is like flying at a high altitude and then surviving a plane crash. There is so much deeply imbedded programming to integrate. The ‘Christian’ scriptures talk about becoming ‘One’ flesh, to me that means one free agent, able to open an ever widening golden band portal for love to come through, raising the frequency of the whole planet. Thank God our inner Presence knows no order of difficulty! Trusting that daily and letting go, ‘sinking in’ without superficially trying to run toward a destination brings us through the portal of the moment to journey in and on…and that, I am finding is sooo not ‘easy’, yet gentleness gains huh?
    I tend to be a visionary, being IN-vision and actually Being IN is the distance we are kept separated by our lower energies. I love to believe that one day the whole planet will be pure Love walking around in flesh like radiant shining stars.

    Let’s keep asking questions and then sit in the serenity of water reflecting the sky…
    As ‘One’… yeah!

  5. I loved that, Anon. Thanks.

    Thank you, CD.