Monday, September 20, 2010

Final Victory

Oh, how sorry you will be, when you awaken, at the long eons which passed in hapless ignorance, when you saw only your own shadow at your feet! What pain you will feel, what anguish your heart will suffer, for those lost moments in which you might have better performed your part in bearing the Lord’s burden.

In that day you will sense His compassion radiating through eternity and be glad. You will not wish that more of it had streamed toward you, but rather that less had been needed on your account, and thereby given to others.

The joy of a servant finally able to serve will be yours, the devotion of one whose satisfaction is in full surrender to the loving Christ. No distracting talk of “sins” will enter your heart, for what fool would be concerned with such when at last able to kneel in the very Lord’s presence? All false sense of self will have disintegrated into the dust of forgetfulness, into the oblivion of imperfect dreams which are never to be recalled again.

You will know yourself as that pure breath which God first breathed into Adam’s nostrils, yet now healed of Adam’s na├»ve ignorance and made whole through suffering the completion of his curse. Good and evil will have found their expression in you, in the flesh of your body and soul, and become joined at last, fused and integrated until distinct as separate entities no more.

And you will understand that thus are Satan and his minions “defeated” by being united with what they had most opposed - transformed thereby into a New Creature.

In the bearing of your Cross you will have accomplished the impossible, the unthinkable, and yet . . . the unavoidable.

For this has always been your only task, the whole reason for your existence. No one else could carry your Cross, for it was tailored exactly to your strength and need. And had you shirked that Cross it should have remained for the Great One to bear alone.

But you will have found heart at last and said “yes” to the Beloved. Yes to His burden, unfathomably immense – though at once light. Yes to his yoke, by which the very worlds were constellated – though at once easy.

You will have said yes to His life, and thus found your own.

You will have said yes to His death, and - like Him - discovered therein the final victory.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Blind Man

The sun and moon arose, yet these were the lesser lights. The light of my very life, to which I had made deference all my days, was itself no more than a captive light, bound to a darkness hitherto unperceived.

Awakening began, but to the awareness of blindness.

I discovered I had never yet seen the true Light, and my every step had proceeded from, and proceeded toward, doubt and confusion.

And I understood that, bound within the dark spell of self, I had never yet even prayed - except to that lost persona who had no power to deliver.

Then my heart cried out, "Lord save me!"

For I was without sight or wisdom, wandering in the land of the dead.

Toward the chasm beyond which heaven gleamed I raised the voice of my aching desire, for the faint twinkling of its stars offered the only hope.

"Lord, remember me!" said the voice of my tears.

"Deliver me from this place in which the name of God is utterly unknown."

Then came the hand of the Almighty near, and with a touch taught that the thing which one has been in unknowing, must he become in knowing.

For only those blind who comprehend their blindness desire the light.

And only those lost who comprehend their lostness desire to be found.

This then, is the mystery of Salvation.