Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ego Comfort

It is not at all comfortable to be an ego, and so elaborate mechanisms are created to mitigate the irritation of existing. The ego is highly motivated to seek comfort, and proficient at using mental processes to achieve this.

By withdrawing perspective into “the head,” the emotional and physical traumas lodged in the body and psyche can be tuned out to a large degree. What is too painful to simply ignore may be desensitized through suppression and sedation.

It is contrary to the deepest orientation of the Self to be protective, enclosed within a shell of secreted boundaries. Yet the immature heart needs a defense against the encroachments of the world as it learns to navigate this chaotic realm.

As a result the ego is called upon to buffer, like a shock-absorber, the disturbances of daily life. But typically the "servant" usurps its master’s throne, and the tool assumes itself to be the carpenter. Before long, the only conscious reality is that which the ego posits, and this is imperfect at best.

The ego is incapable of being farsighted and wise, and may court the very disaster it should avoid. It lacks insight into its own nature, and cannot voluntarily release control of the life it is supposed to guard.

Therefore the Self must emerge, radiating Presence through the heart, and assume its rightful place. The ego detects this unfolding, and gradually begins to release its death grip on the individual’s life process.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ego Waffles

Corporations and governments are amplifications on the collective scale of the ego’s relentless drive for anything that will bolster its sense of power and security. In the business world, everything is based on the “bottom line,” namely profit, and that which will enhance profit, namely growth.

This model is not about getting what is needed, but about getting more than what is needed. It is based on competition and success at the cost of failure for any competing entity.

The question might be asked, but isn’t this how nature operates? Animals kill one another (or plants) to survive.

Yes, but they only kill what is needed for that moment. They do not take more than they can eat. They do not acquire at the expense of other creatures, nor deny fellow animals the right to also feed.

The ego is clever, but not wise. It always posits its own well-being as the “greater good” and has no comprehension of itself as a part of some larger and more compelling entity.

Therefore the world is inundated by egoic “pretenders to the throne,” would-be kings who would gladly enforce their own particular reign of personal preference, which of course creates conflict with others.

The last 3500 or so years of mankind’s existence, the “historical” epoch, might accurately be called the time of the ego, for record-keeping as such is an egoic activity and not necessary within a whole organism where full communication between all parts is operative.

This last point may shed some light on why the Mayan calendar ends in 2011/2012.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Orbs

I camped out at ECETI over the weekend.

ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) sits at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington State, and tries to act like a farm. The peaceful, bucolic setting of James Gilliland's homestead belies the extraordinary things that have been under observation there, however. Yaks and llamas wander about during the day and coyotes howl through the night, but the real excitement is airborne.

The first-time visitor finds it somewhat amusing to see an echinacea field full of lawn-chairs all aimed at Mt. Adam's daunting bulk, as though the mountain was to be the screen of an immense outdoor movie. But this seeming oddity is actuality. When the sun goes down, all the guests find seats and settle in for the show - which is not long in coming.

Soon mysterious lights begin to play and flicker upon the mountain's flanks, far up beyond the treeline where glaciers cling and no climber should be. The sky becomes crisscrossed with glowing objects that don't behave like airplanes. Amazing as such sights are, they leave the viewer with a vague sense of dissatisfaction with lights flying so far away as to be unidentifiable (which of course, is why they are called UFO's).

There is another class of objects at ECETI (and other places as well) however, that are near at hand and therefore more easily observed - the Orbs.   Orbs seem a bit like cosmic jellyfish, floating into view on some unseen current then floating out again.  Sometimes the camera sees no orbs at all, a minute later - at the very same spot - they fill the screen.

Orbs show no reluctance to intermingle with humans and are very likely "closer than hands and feet" a lot more often than we realize.  I had seen many photos of them appearing at public events above or around people.

Still, it wasn't until I put on ECETI's 3rd generation night vision goggles that the impact of these colorful apparitions really hit home.  With the infrared night vision it was possible to see, in real time, the spherical objects suddenly "materialize" into view, float about as though on some specific mission, then fade out again.

So what are the orbs?  That IS the question!

What is known so far is that their visibility is in the infrared light range.  Studies have shown them to respond to intent and curiosity, and to display intelligence.

Perhaps they represent a deepening attempt at communication beyond the boundaries of what most modern people have considered "normal."  

Perhaps the fact that they are now being seen around the world in increasing numbers indicates a "quickening" of the planetary psyche in preparation for something extraordinary.

Perhaps they herald the possibility of a whole new realm of understanding and wisdom.

My guess is that we will know the answer before long . . .