Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gouging with Blessings

Gouging with Blessings

Blessings were being prepared for someone I know and care about. I was brought into the place where this was happening and allowed to watch.

Ingredients were gathered together for each one; they seemed like colored energies of various shapes, assembled into combinations that made no sense to my unknowing eyes.

A brown-skinned woman was overseeing the process, and she reminded me of someone serving food at a soup kitchen for the homeless – compassionately indifferent. There were always infinite numbers of people needing to eat and desiring blessings.

She had a helper, who was also non-effusively competent. They did this all the time, made blessings for people who thought their case was the worst thing ever.

Of course I wondered what these particular blessings could be, but remained clueless. Nevertheless, a little later I was shown something about one of my own blessings.

My god, what pain! My heart felt as though gouged with a wood working tool.

“Why?” I asked. “If this is a blessing, why does it hurt so much?”

And the answer . . .

“To make room for love.”


  1. Love is 'All' so it requires an 'Awl' to create alot of space huh?

  2. I so appreciate your writings here. Yesterday i saw visions and my brain started to freeze and my heart felt heavy and ssd .,undescribable really. I stopped my work and ran outside to lay in the grass feeling it all , the fear rise and give way to peace. i felt so finate and infinate at once. I gave some words not knowing if i'd make it through. The voice said this is required. The red and white truck came blew some veins. no rooms abvaible THANK GOD . Strength returned slowly. I wepted quietly int the passenger seat on the Way Home. realizing the importance of what happened. My heart set free,, its raining outside a gentle rain and i feel full of LOVE.

    I remembered the jewel of a problen polishing the jewel of my being. Thank you for your encourage ment it means sos so so much to me

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  4. you speak the Truth Ruth.
    Appreciating this lighter feeling in between

  5. Geeze, how weird is it to wish mine would just bust open already! So backwards from the world!

  6. That is such a cool pic of the violin being carved out. It is my most favorite instrument. Such powerful emotion rides of those vibrational waves. Great image means so much.
    Gouging creating space for love!