Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Body

The Body

I have been watching the state of my body changing. This has many aspects, but one of them is called aging.

The skin gets thinner, the muscle tone harder to maintain. Seems like healing takes longer and body stuff generally starts seeming less optimal.

Some of that is a result of laziness and stupidity – not doing what is healthier, continuing to abuse the system the way “ignorant youth” (to use a vague generality) often do. That part I can try to correct.

But a person could pump iron and down vitamins until he was 105 and still experience an inevitable physical decline. We aren’t intended to live forever in this life, this incarnation. This is only a part of the bigger picture.

So, there are things to improve if possible - but also things to accept as they are regarding the amazing gift of our physical vehicle,

this form that allows us to experience the world and presents the possibility of bringing awareness and consciousness into manifestation.

And the gradual, inevitable weakening that it goes through now seems to contain or reveal another blessing – the withdrawal of energy from that physical realm of experience so it is more available for the contemplative and meditative dimension.

Plants flower in summer and their blossoms fade. Even though the stalks wither and grow dry, seed pods emerge – the culmination of that plant’s possibilities in its present life cycle.

I feel increasingly able to accept and cherish the culminating, concluding era of my own life cycle, however long that is yet to last.

And I hope the energy released from maintaining the outer body so assiduously can heat up the inner spirit all the more.

I hope all parts of me burn in the light.


  1. Bright, bright, beautiful Light!
    Blog on * *

  2. Aging, Yep we all get to experience it. I used to love my grand parents wrinkles(evidence of their feelings), the silvery hair, the labored climb and easier descent. Witnessing all that made me Love and Honor them even more. Now me too, Ya know,.. thin skin, age spots, a dance with basal cell, and silvery hair... Sis tried to get me to dye it, lots of pressure that visit, I called home to tell Rebekah(daughter) about them and their antics, She said( somewhat upset) "Mamma what about your silver?" I had to smile. Yes she could 'see' the beauty in my aging and she loved it because it was me, right now. Have not as of yet started a new Palm Beach trend but I get sought out sometimes just for being who I am. And when I look back into those eyes I see into who they really are. And the physical body and the disease, just part of this story, can not define completely what we really are. Thank GOD!

  3. That is some pic!!!!!! lol I am leaving myself wide open to the possibility that we may just become being so present here now, that we do not age! It allows me to surrender to being with my body as it is now, with whatever signs of my imprinting are etched on and, helps me little by little to more fully realize the importance of caring for my body as sacred as I keep at integrating all that stuff. I really appreciate all you have written about physical presence;
    The body remembers that God has breathed fire into it, the fire of life. The body knows what this feels like, the flame of life racing in its veins, radiating throughout every muscle and fiber. And, when you wrote about it being a conduit, a bridge would be so righteous cool to chill out for a couple of thousand years in these bodies, as like a home base and be aware of our other aspects traveling back and forth! Perhaps I'm just a muscle head but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! (We will just have to see about that syrup!) ;)

    Thank you CD!

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  5. When one is in the throws of extreme physical pain, everything else recedes including the concept of aging. Death becomes a goal, a certain relief. At such a moment, does one care what state their form takes? Every labored breath a painful sense of presence?

  6. Anon,
    Another TRUE perspective delivered by you...
    No, to ? one
    Yes, to ? two

    Does the violent painful storm pass?
    Then can we play again?

  7. You so so funny anon, "WORLD gym"