Monday, May 2, 2011

Transition Times

Day Two of the Ninth Wave and Universal Cycle (as describe by Carl Johan Calleman) ended May 1 with the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Night Two of the Ninth Wave and Universal Cycle began May 2 with the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

Both events, obviously, are highly significant historical markers. There is a sense of transition in our times, of resolution for situations that had seemed impossibly intractible - while unprecedented developments also unfold, full of promise and potential.

This transition represents both an opening to the new and a closing of the old, movement beyond limitations of the past into more spacious realms of possibility.

How this process manifests at the collective level could be linked to a subject many know personally: the core wounding of childhood as it manifests in the adult experience.

It common, cliché actually, for those engaged in introspective therapies to arrive at a point where they conclude that most (if not all) their problems have resulted from the failure of their parents to provide what they needed as children. Not only did they not get the unconditional love that they craved, but they may well have received what they did NOT need, namely abuse and mistreatment.

From this analysis emerges a revamped opinion that is highly unflattering to mother and father. Deep hurts are uncovered and anger exposed as the child become adult gets in touch with wounded feelings that were repressed or denied in the formative years.

This is no doubt a healthy step in the process of self-recovery, but it is only a step. Many people get stuck there thinking they have reached the end point. After all, it is a convenient escape from responsibility if one’s inability to relate or behave well can be traced to faulty upbringing.

But beyond the recognition that the world represented by our parents damaged us when young is another and more mature recognition step, namely that they did what they needed to do so we could have what we needed to have. The wounds we got were the ones we were supposed to get, because they illumine the specific areas in ourselves requiring healing and transformation.

Realizing this takes blame away from the parents – more importantly it takes “power” away from the parents as in, “they had the power to make me less than myself.” And it gives power back to the individual through presenting the case that all events, including those that seem debilitating, serve one’s growth in soul maturation - whose ultimate intended end is victory.

As parents wound a child, so the world has wounded mankind as a collective child, thus forming the challenging conditions out of which this “child” must arise and reclaim its true nature. Victory starts to assume tangible form as individuals wake up and stop unconsciously following the script of that early patterning.

We are not called to repeat our parents, either in what they were or what they made us to be, but rather to transcend both them and ourselves.

Nor are we called to continually repeat the world in its ageless cycle of false assumptions about reality, of its “wars and rumors of wars” and every form of self-forgetfulness that has kept the beings we are, having been created in the “image and likeness” of God, opposed to God’s very truth.

There is no doubt that powerful energies are manifesting through the events surrounding one world leader’s beatification and another’s death. Yet it is ours to decide how we will respond to those energies – whether we will continue to feed the patterns of the past or choose a new and far better direction.

Let our decision be to release the parental patterns of the world and reclaim our own power. Let it be to not repeat the limits of childhood, but rather to claim victory over these and manifest the image and likeness of God that we truly are.

Let it be.