Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father and Mother

Father and Mother

Mother touches the heart and it warms, remembering love.

This child has sought Mother’s all-embracing milk from many other breasts, but in vain.

Father touches the mind and it opens, perceiving truth.

This child has sought Father’s mighty wisdom from many other teachers, but in vain.

Do not depart from me, O my Mother and my Father!

This child has been an orphan wanderer for so long! It has cried for you ceaselessly in the night!

This child does not seek anything but your touch. It is lost and miserable, not knowing itself without you.

This child desires you above everything – all past, lesser desires have arisen out of the frustration of your absence.

This child does not need to know why things are as they are. It is content to trust in your love and your wisdom.

Be with me, O my Mother and my Father.

Please be with me.


  1. Our Heart Sings A Deeply Beautiful Feeling... Amen.

  2. I like this. beautiful words and images. They are with are that.