Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I looked again into the bitter pool of my grief and regret, its black depths beyond fathoming.

The pain of it had not lessened in all the years.

Indeed, its acidic vapors etched even more keenly upon my heart, burning into the flesh of my being.

“But, all my tears,” I cried to the Great One, “are these not repentance enough? When will the pool be emptied? Will it ever be drained?”

Then my heart spoke to me.

“Stop, friend,” it said gently.

“Do not ask for what can never be. These dark waters will never depart, nor should they. For nothing less than their painful cleansing could wash the film of blindness from your eyes, the fog of senselessness from your soul.”

And I understood that humility came from knowing

not just once but for always

that one had touched the lowest point in the universe.


  1. I ask you my friend," Is there no one else there?"

  2. I was remembering the Holy Spirit blessing or anointing the group gathered in Acts. It seems that a group of people is so powerful. We always want to meet on the mountain top. Maybe the " lowest point in the universe" is the most fertile ground to seed. I don't know... yes I do. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to think of another Way to Be perfect.

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  4. Instinctively, when I read this, I experienced the fact that I wanted to avoid touching the lowest point in the universe.

    That, somehow, touching the lowest point in the universe was a horrible place to be.

    But all the lowest point of the universe actually is, is another vantage point. And one that enriches our experience.

  5. Great Post, great point Phil.

  6. When I think of 'the lowest point in the universe' I always think about and feel the darkest of realities. The sick perverse tragedies, of old and continuing today. When I allow my self to go there I feel it so intensely, the suffering and the fear. Did you ever hear about a murder and then find yourself witnessing it and all the feelings and smells that accompany the scene? And see the face of the murderer and the victims, but why? What can I do, now? The awareness that this too is our reality on the Earth is difficult to stay open too, especially when one can feel it in their own body. Why should I feel it if I can't do anything about it? or can I? I got real skilled at distracting my self from all of those horrible realities and accompanying feelings. There is always this persistent belief that something can be done or realized. When I read this post I wondered if I allowed those realities, the dark , lowest ones to grip my body/ mind and stay with it remembering the light, would it be different, could I make a difference, somehow?

    Yeah that voice,.. "Who the Hell do you think you are? You weak delusional fool." And all I can think is come pass on... "Yes, pass on through me... I will run no more." Where that will lead me I do not know. I do know that I can set my self on 'the bridge ' before I take that journey. I am grateful for that. I have felt those stores are my stories too. I have been villain and victim, through time. In this life I have had sensitivities that I did not know how to handle. Who teaches that? I smile now because my experience going through the Presence Process has helped me more than anything. And stumbling along this Blog has given me much joy and hope.
    I feel like I am breaking out of a seed or an egg or a cocoon. Your writings have helped me find my way into the heart of this world , my world.
    With the wind I send Love.

  7. After reading the last comment, I'd just like to share that whether we are feeling as though we are perceiving and experiencing a higher plane or a lower one. It’s like Phil said, it’s a vantage point. The voice that says you are weak and delusional is making up stories that are distorting love, just the way it does when we judge others. I know we all have a third eye and it opens ever wider in waking up. Whether, I see or experientially feel I am at the bottom or higher, each 'experience' or revelation no matter how 'wild & crazy' my mundane awareness may label it, again as Phil said... it's another vantage point. And one that enriches our experience, you may just be a pioneer ya know!

    I feel that is why it is important to trust and honor that, although we are connected for sure; our experiences are divinely orchestrated for us, and hence the collective, the feminine aspect of our being is gifted with amazing capabilities. One thing I am seeing for sure though, is that it is our level of responsibily that determines the quality of all our experiences and that fear will keep us from the new frontier. When we are humbel it opens up the way.
    With the wind~

  8. Hey 'Love on the wind', I just read your comment again, what a difference a day makes! Villian and Victim throughout time...
    thanks to your sharing CD's post flows ever deeper for me too!
    Hmmmmmm, are you a Scorpio? ;)

  9. Silly girl/ boy. Yes I am (this life) a Scorpio.
    I always qualify that to say," I am a highly evolved Scorpio." Just means I don't have the jealousy, control issues and a need to use my stinger. I do have a shadow side, I am sure ;-)

  10. Hey ' with the wind' (little doodley line),
    Thank you for your thoughts, quite enlightening!
    Responsible and humble OK got it ;-)
    Oh and Phil ,
    You're getting quite the reputation on this street. hahaha It's all Good.
    So thank you too,Phil.

  11. 'Responsible' and 'Humble' are the mark, 'seeing' the Bulls Eye is one thing, hitting it another, I can be quite clumsy for sure. By the GRACE of God go I with the wind~

    Hey, don't forget, there is 'Powerful' deeply healing medicine in that Scorpion stinger! ;)

  12. Can ya feel the smile?
    I am going to have to meditate on the medicine of the scorpion stinger.. Never really considered that...


  13. As Our Inner Presence so beautifully expressed it through ONE back in the future,
    "Oh to touch a soul and feel it smile into infinity." ;D