Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jewel of a Problem

Jewel of a Problem

I labored with my work, beholding a jewel of a problem. Toiled unsuccessfully for a solution that remained out of reach.

Despair came knocking, the ghosts that so love to haunt within the realm of fear and uncertainty.

“We will mortify you into eternity,”
they boasted.

And I had no words with which to drive them back.

Then a savior came, an ordinary man, quite undistinguished in many ways. Very busy he was, declaring he had no time to spare.

But he gave generously in spite of those protestations, bestowing his wisdom, scooping from his own pot of skill and knowledge into mine.

And we laughed when the problem succumbed to our mutual ministrations, for in truth we were both enriched by the struggle.

Yet there was work to do, now within my measure, but so much to complete in order to satisfy a hungry customer.

But I had grown weary with the long test and desired respite.

While others, with frowns of anxiety, demanded to know when all would be ready so that products could emerge. An unspoken accusation hovered in their voices. A besmirching inquiry that strove to unseat my calm.

So I struggled with whether to rest my spirit or continue engaged through the night, and felt bitterness rising up.

Finally I said,

“Bitterness, I have tasted you many times before, and your nausea has propelled countless battles. So come, be at home, but in prayer we will seek our rest in the dust of gratitude.”

And it seemed to me that both the savior and the antagonist were but tools of the divine.

And I accepted that the jewel of a problem was rubbing upon the jewel of my being

In order to polish it more finely.


  1. 'Affliction is the diamond dust that heaven polishes its jewels with'...
    Yes, beautiful Gem of a post Cd!