Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Child on the Road

Child on the Road

I am but a child weeping along the side of a dusty road.

Grownups pass by heedless and disdainful, even that particular adult called by my name.

In this lowly spot I know without doubt my absolute need and utter dependency.

I have nothing, I am nothing.

Sometimes the world drops a toy nearby, as though this might stifle my interminable cries of longing.

But these are dead things to me, distractions and contrivances that cannot touch the heart of need.

To the world, such children are only pre-adults waiting to enter their realm of deadness and loss, destined to wander endlessly in meaningless circles.

But now the child weeps along the side of the road instead.

And in the dust of adults passing by heedless and disdainful,

I am closer to home than before.

Having nothing and being nothing,

My heart draws nearer its truest peace.


  1. Wow CD this post is awesome! Just yesturday I was crying to our All Parent saying " You are the only one who could possibly love me as your child, I am nothing without you, I, in and of myself, don't even really feel all that much love for the child within me"
    Anyway, hard to explain but really appreciate your writing! Thank you!

  2. I remember what it felt like to cry before it became dangerous to cry. First it felt sad, deep and dark. Then I noticed that the tears tasted like salt. Humm? And the string of snot that got wiped from my wrist to my elbow looked slimy like the trail left by a snail. Then a tree would call and birds would visit. A passing shower it was. It is a fortunate child that is allowed to cry. I feel sad about all the tears i didn't and still can't.

    Thank you for writing this. It seems to have settled into an important heart space that has so been longing, simply to cry.

  3. This writing means more to me, now.