Wednesday, June 17, 2009



The present days have pulled me into the story again, at least that’s how it feels.

Like drowning in syrup, something so thick your legs can’t kick and you are fatigued into suffocation.

A person wonders, when will it be over, this story of me that is so tiring and tiresome?

When will the exhilaration of things going as wished, the frustration (more common) of things not doing so - really be over?

And so, who would want to speak of all this?

Who would want to record it, articulate it into stone?

Maybe in another day, another week, I will regain fresher air, distance myself a bit again from the story of me where the sun doesn’t seem to shine.

Yet on the other hand, the intent of this blog was to be a record of my journey, a supposedly representative human, through the days at hand -

both the seemingly good and the seemingly bad.

And so, with some reservations, there it is.

From the currents of leg entwining syrup,

Signing off for now,




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  2. What about pancakes? They are never as sweet without the syrup! Yes, it can be very thick sticky stuff too that syrup, but we taste your sweetness and appreciate you all the more for it.

  3. I got this insight today:

    I don't want my crap. I wish it would just eff off and die. Because it isn't me, no sir.

    And I chose to have my crap because love conquers all.

  4. I hear you, CD! Also, did someone say pancakes?

    In a related thought, have you ever seen that movie where they call each other "Ah! Ya hoser!" ...Where the two main characters visit a beer factory? But while they're visiting- oh my gosh!- the beer factory catches fire. And in order to squelch the flames... they... drink all the beer and pee the flames out- saving the day! I hope your syrup experience is classier, yet just as gratifying. You're awesome!

  5. Count Down,
    I thought about you in the early morning surrounded by crickets and a crescent moon. I see your departure as a demonstration of Self Love.
    You are giving your self what you require. How beautiful.
    I don't know if it is containment or rest. I do know that I have ALWAYS been enriched by what you share, especially the darker, heavier stuff. Maybe it's because I have become more comfortable in being with my own darkness. Thank you for that. I feel that you are O K and that Presence is with you.
    Know that we will miss you even if only for a day/week or how ever long.
    Our Beloved Friend, I raise my glass of pomegranate juice and salute you.