Friday, June 12, 2009

Conflicting Belief

Conflicting Belief

The world places a lot of value on belief. People are accepted or ostracized over beliefs; countries go to war and entire cultures have been demonized and exterminated because of beliefs.

What “you” believe is not what “I” believe. Therefore you should be made to believe what I believe. Failing that, you should not exist.

Beliefs are the building blocks of who we conceive ourselves to be. But the fact that so much human disharmony has resulted from them shows what faulty foundational materials they really are.

People only believe in stuff they don’t actually know about. There is no need to believe in what is experienced as true. Therefore all such belief oriented conflict has ignorance and superstition as its basis.

This is most evident at the macro level of cultural and national interactions, but equally observable at the level of the individual person.

Just try challenging an important belief structure depended upon for one’s sense of reality. Try letting go of it and see what happens.

Disorientation? Distress? Disturbance? Most likely.

It is very difficult to not believe in what the world believes. In every direction forces are moving to persuade each human that the verities of life are already determined, and here is what they are. Accept them as presented and all is well.

Reject them in whole or part and be damned both in this world and the one to come.

But it is prophesied that the world will have and end.

Perhaps that is coming soon.

One can suppose the end of the world means the end of all those beliefs by which the world has been sustained.

And one can therefore hope for

freedom at last for weary souls everywhere.


  1. Amen, let true freedom ring.

  2. You say: "It is very difficult to not believe in what the world believes."

    In truth, it is actually very difficult to believe in what the world believes.

    This is based on the fact that when you hold what the world believes up to any kind of scrutiny whatsoever, you realise that it defies all logic and reason etc. etc.

    As some of the greatest philosophers in the world, Monty Python pointed out the sheer absurdity that lies at the heart of what the world believes, of what it constructs as reality.

    One can see from the massive hoo-haa surrounding The Life of Brian, how people will, as you say, damn you if you have the nerve to actually point out the blaringly obvious: That The Emperor Has No Clothes.

    Children know this to be so. But they dare not be damned by the adult world, and so they start believing in a lie. And then another lie. And then another lie ...

    So when you challenge someone's beliefs, you tap into the fact that to survive they had to lie to themselves again and again and again. And very few people are going to appreciate this.

  3. In this cyber neighborhood Phil, we can appreciate it. How cool is that!
    I was thinking today as I gave my 16 year old son over to my brother and his friend to go spear fishing in the ocean via kayak, that when we face danger and/ or risk harm, death or simply the familiar , that is when we feel most alive! I have found this to be true personally. I would much rather live that way than safe in a room watching T V.

    It is so funny I find that I very quickly lose interest in stories and reports of peoples daily happenings. That Is why I love to visit here. You write about all the felt matters and about the light and the dark, the highs and lows. Doesn't matter the shape of the prism I love to see the colors cast anywhere. Rainbows are all very similar yet each on moves my heart and soul. So it is with words relaying beautiful depth of feeling. Oh to touch a soul and feel it smile into infinity. That is what happens here on this street corner.

  4. "People only believe in stuff they don't actually know about" ,I can so relate to that CD.
    I believe I am in love with a phantom.
    I guess the truth is I am in LOVE with everybody and everything. We are all in love together.
    However this feeling (Belief) does not get me out of the house on the weekend. In actuality I am waiting for nothing to arrive. Kinda silly, right? Well I get frisky in the fall and I plan to start dating...maybe...If I can let go of this belief that my phantom lover is ever going to show up in the flesh! the flesh.

  5. We are love.

    We come into the world as love, and nothing else.

    And time and again that gift of love that we are is spurned.

    In being spurned, in experiencing the excruciating pain of seeing our hearts broken, the love that we are gets twisted and distorted and contorted.

    Through the lens of fear, anger and grief.

    It is love all the same ...

    In Week 8 and 9 of TPP, Michael Brown brings up the notion of our unconscious definition of love. As a species I think that our unconscious defintion of love is suffering and punishment.

    If there is this great awakening in 2012 and beyond, perhaps we can let go of all the suffering and punishment, and just experience love as love.

  6. Funny, I love when I am just puttering at home on the weekend alone lol. I feel it's the 'waiting' that is silly if anything, but that holds a great key to realizing where we are not fully present in the moment 'Being' with our transient circumstances. If you feel the Phantom it may be because the Phantom is sharing the present moment and feeling you too and perhaps believing they are silly and you are a Phantom. We are Love, I feel us...Oh to touch a soul and feel it smile into infinity. Beautiful!

  7. Yes Phil, We are Love. Damn you good!
    Yeah and what the heck is MB doing up there on that 'bridge'. Who knows? Maybe he'll come back with the ten containments. OH GOOD* *

  8. Hello Anon,
    I too love to putter. It would just be sweet to have a companion for an occasional here and now. Yes, I know we are ALL ONE . We are LOVE. So what is the point? Just injoy the beingness of it all. I know I know. Sometimes my feelings get slippery and I get scentamental, can't help it. Just is.
    Fortunately it only lasts a couple of days which feels like a singular eternity. I have not evolved into 'transexdence' quite yet. I do however 'crossdress'. I have a favorite oversized lumberjack shirt and I totally get off pushing into my hiking boots. And if I notice sprinkled dirt from my last trip, all the better. It's SO good! I am hearing the words of a young loved one,"Get over yourself!" Well I'm trying, Rome wasn't built in a day. OMG even Rome has me in it!
    "Dear God,
    Please make me humble and reverent in this most trippy of times, amen."

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  10. You Rock! lol! The thing for me is that I continue to learn mostly at this juncture from the slippery, clumsy, fearful whatever...that the Phantom bears the gift of my reflection. The Phantom is within me and requires my love. The Phantom I percieve on the outside is just calling me home to the inside right? Of course I want to hug and kiss and express love, camp out under the stars etc. with a companion right here & now (maybe we are and I am unable to perceive it lol) But, that's just it. When I re-member to hug myself and be with myself and truly deeply love myself just because, even though perhaps I just had a weird trippy flash back of my ruthlessly decapitating some beautiful woman in Rome back in 1432, well...(see how you rock?) We talk about all ONE and that we are LOVE and yeah it sounds superficial, but when I have truly entered through the portal of my heart WOW, what an 'experiencial' trip and everyone is in there! But, I cannot make that a 'destination' either, just learn from what I percieve as the fall. If I'm crying and being sentimental and I am often, I can choose to be with and comfort and love myself and then feel it expand into an even bigger all encompassing hug, or I can go 'do' something, like dance around the void. When I choose the former it's awesome and I feel love everywhere with everyone and Presence conducts the orchestra, when I don't I feel alone and wish another were here and I'm singing a sad meloncholy song. We are our own personal Jesus and Mary. When what I am really feels and experiences that frequency, then everyone around me becomes them for me too. I am puttering alone on a Saturday perhaps because I am not dedicated to myself enough to be dedicated to puttering around with another lol. or it's not required who knows? lol I'm gonna go give myself a big hug, hope ALL feel it too!
    Hey Great Motto Ruth! It just popped up while I was blathering on ;)
    Thanks CD!

  11. Anon ,
    I get your points for sure. Yet something is still missing. ?avoidance?
    Realistic or not I like Phil's idea, "If there is a great awakening in 2012 and beyond, perhaps we can let go of all the suffering and punishment and just experience love as love."

    Ruth, that will be my mantra til it settles IN.

  12. You talkin' to me? BlatherBE? If so,
    yeah, avoidance... I'm my own worst dance partner, I seem to have two left feet these days bumbling around the void lol!

    I agree, Phil is righteous! Thanks for getting my point, I am not always so sure I do! :D

    OM...Believe nothing experience everything...OM

  13. You still beautiful
    ps God doesn't make mistakes (ie- 2 left feet)
    I have 3 eyes. And some Avoidance of my own.
    Don't feel bad. Be a void dance and left the wave BE your partner. I'm gonna try it .

  14. Perfect!!!!!!
    (Pssst...I'm winking my third eye and waving)


  15. He probably was compelled to decapitate her be cause he couldn't integrate her.

    Journey of the ovule.. slippery, scented, waves of passion, unrealized...death.

  16. Whoa! Grateful to be given a present eternal moment to intergrate her.
    (or take another stab at it, yikes!)lol

  17. your actually kinda funny (when you're unarmed)

  18. The fact that I typed inter-grate instead of integrate ain't no laughing matter! DOH!!!
    (Catcha' on the bridge Love) +;)

  19. And so it was. I slept very well through the night and into the morning. In the wee hours I woke feeling immersed in this fantastic space. The cat must have felt it too. Truly he wouldn't leave me alone with his nudges, kisses,,sitting on my chest his paw on my face... more wet nose in my face. I guess when we are in that heart love space everything feels it too especially cats. How sweet!