Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Curtain Call

Curtain Call

The day begins; I have re-entered the dream of my life.

Now, it is not quite so arduous as before, the actor on the stage is not so convincing to the audience, he does not compel such complete attachment and identification.

I shall engage the dream of this day knowing it to be a passing scene from which the un-passing witness will emerge unchanged.

Therefore, let the scene be well acted. And let the actor perform well.

Let him be unafraid and brave. Let him face uncertainty with calm trust.

Let him do what is best for all and not seek his small protections.

May this day’s play be fitting and commendable.

Let it be a triumph not of ego and conflict, but rather of simple humility and good will.

Then shall the witness stand in appreciation at the curtain call.

Then shall he applaud a show that has been much to his liking.


  1. -----------* become *-----------

  2. "... a passing scene from which the un-passing witness will emerge unchanged." I love this, it's a great reminder to go behind the curtain to thank all the supporting actors and actresses throughout our timeline, for all the dramatic emotion filled victim and victor parts they have played , and to inform and let them know that they can put their scripts down, we made it to todays curtain call lol

    You are one cool dude CD, go on...
    take a bow! Bravo Standin'O!!!!!!