Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wave of Light

Wave of Light

The wave of light arrives in all its intense mystery and splendor, illuminating the moment.

Caught up in this transcendent experience, one's heart flutters in joy and agony, perceiving yet more clearly both the transparency and the translucency of its human state.

This glorious wave is inspiration itself, catching up one's awareness into realms of delight and despair, into hope and desolation, as the limitless expanse of existence flashes into view briefly, its wonder beyond description.

One thinks, “Now I understand; now I see. I shall live this way always.”

But after a moment, when the day's gift has been imparted . . . the wave scintillatingly fades out of view.

Yes, now you are to live this way.

At least for today.

You are charged with taking the inspiration delivered from on high and bringing it into this world of flesh and blood, where people have wounds and sores and are confused.

But apply it first to yourself, to your own discontinuities and dramas.

And then, perhaps, eventually . . .

that gift may reach also unto others.


  1. :D...No blathering on required, you speak volumes beautifully and succinctly shining light on our way.

    As always, Thank you for sharing CD!

  2. When we have a wave of Joy or Light(that we perceive), I say RIDE it!
    I doubt when we are truly in/on the wave, the wounds and confusion can really hold on! I am heading to the ocean later. I'll let you know.

  3. I went toward the ocean. As I rested on the bow of a sailboat, 12 crows flew just over the mast, squawking. They actually hovered up there for a second yelling down messages my heart understood,
    "Listen to your heart. Stay tuned in for messages." I sat there, the sun setting, feeling the wind caress my arms and wrap around my body.
    I felt Love all around me. As the boat rocked my attention fell to the dark foreboding waters below. There it is,.. the pain, the wounds, the suffering. The long fish were lined up in agreement riding the current naturally, yet devotedly at my side as if to witness my sweet subtle sadness. I looked the other direction, a magnificent bridge. I smile . I really appreciate the bridge. Along with all these feelings was a true sense of Joy and Happiness and Peace. Yes I felt at peace... And I reflected on the promise I made to myself to feel the wave of Joy when I am able to perceive it and not try to marry it to fear or to distort it in any way. Just to bravely and reverently Be with Joy for as long as I can naturally and not judge the time just Be with it. So when the dark murky waters of pain, fear, grief or anger arrive I have a new frame of reference. I have a new frame of reference brought In by my acceptance and containment of Love and Joy. I trust it. The crows said to. And I'd like to welcome Mars that way with my true frame of reference because it can feel our attitude and this responsible attention is required. No, I did not dance with the Captain, my heart was with the Phantom in the stars riding the wave of light and I was content.

  4. Beautiful frame of reference...being...peace.


  5. I just realize I need to go In, again. The despair is so intense sometimes. I can see my 'doings' to distract. (big sigh :-( I am truly grateful for all that you post on this Blog, Nesia. I have to admit sometimes it takes me days(weeks) and several re-readings to get it, to 'feel' it. That is a blessing. Your writings facilitate Alchemy for sure. You are a giver, a beautiful soul.
    Strange is it not that much of what you give is the Truth , sometimes not so easy for me to swallow or integrate. Strange because the deliverance of painful scary Truth is like a portal to another buoyant Truth, its like they are twins. WOW! A true loving and devoted mother would love them both. Just is. We don't know how. Yes I am beginning to see duality is not a dirty word, encompassing it is a seed of completeness, a door to the Infinite. In Finite is revealed the INFINITE.


  6. Such a moving response and insight to cradle in our hearts...
    'A loving and devoted Mother of twins'

    "Your writings facilitate Alchemy for sure. You are a giver, a beautiful soul" We feel that way too CD.

    Thank you so much z