Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ticket

The Ticket

The ticket was purchased because you wanted to get somewhere.

The train was going to that place – at least that’s what the schedule said.

You got in the coach and took a seat, but grew weary with standing in the station.

You sat there urging the train to move. Exerting your will and gritting your teeth.

And making yourself miserable in the process.

“Will this train ever start going?” you groaned.

After a while the conductor came by and looked at your ticket. He nodded.

“Good choice of destinations,” he said sagely. “A lot of people talk about visiting that place, but not many do.”

“But when are we leaving?” Your frustration was glaringly evident.

The conductor smiled - comprehending, compassionate. Without a word he pulled up the shade on the window, which had been closed.

You looked out and were amazed to see scenery passing by.

“The train starts gently,” he said. “It’s easy to miss.”

The conductor patted you on the shoulder.

“Nothing to do now but enjoy the ride,” he said.


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  2. Toot Toot! When I first read this I kept hearing; 'She'll be comin' round the mountain'.
    Then the original lyrics were remembered to me, this song was sung by the workers laying tracks for the railroad :D;

    "When the Chariot Comes":
    O, who will drive the chariot When she comes? O, who will drive the chariot When she comes? O, who will drive the chariot, O, who will drive the chariot, O, who will drive the chariot When she comes?
    King Jesus, he'll be driver when she comes, When she comes . . . .
    She'll be loaded with bright Angels When she comes . . . .
    She will neither rock nor totter, When she comes . . . .
    She will run so level and steady, When she comes . . . .
    She will take us to the portals, When she comes . . .

    You are a great conducter and whistle blower CD!

  3. I love to laugh. Ruth and Anon,..Sweet, Sweet laughter. I love trains. This ride is precious!
    Nice CD ! :-)
    "Where two or more are gathered..."

  4. Laughter IS heaven! Yippy!

  5. The interesting thing is that no matter how many times the train crashes, it still carries on, none the worse for wear ...

  6. Train of Transformation
    All Aboard!!!!!!
    Next stop,