Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sprouting Sprouts

Sprouting Sprouts

To continue with the procedure about making sprouts:

At last sitting we had talked about putting two tablespoons of alfalfa seeds into a small bowl and letting them soak overnight. Those seeds will become plump with moisture and start to germinate.

There are a lot of workable methods for what happens next, and an Internet search can depict various ways of handling the sprouting seeds until they are ready to eat. Some of these require nothing more than what a person can find in the ordinary kitchen, but they also may be more cumbersome or limiting in terms of ease of use.

I have found that trays designed specifically for sprouting are great. I got mine from Emergency Essentials back when Y2K was the big perceived threat. And I'm grateful that the world thought it was going to be ending back then because I learned so much that continues to be useful today, though with a wholly different emphasis.

For me it is not really about "survival" per se. If an asteroid is intent on hitting planet earth in 2012, as the History Channel lately suggested in its program on the Bible Code, then what is to worry about in terms of survival?

In fact, probably one of the most useful things any authority figure could do to improve the global economy would be to come out and plainly say (if it were in fact true) that the world's population had three years (or whatever) to live.

This would be like breaking the news of a terminal illness to an individual. Ideally, a person faced with such knowledge would quickly re-prioritize their life, realizing how vain and silly much of their former ambitions had been.

Similarly, the world at large would see, for one thing, that concern over diminished life savings and IRA accounts was no longer an issue. And what would countries have to argue and fight over if their own existence was soon to come to an end?

Yes, that could produce the most healthy and sober minded group of people the earth had ever experienced. And maybe, seeing this miracle of human transformation, the universe would back off the asteroidal trigger finger.

But I digress. So after the sprouts have soaked for a night, pour them into a sprout tray or whatever you are going to use. They will flow out into odd patterns which you don't need to worry about. It is not until roots begin to form in a day or so that they will get sort of locked into their positions on the tray.

After this the only thing to do is rinse the seeds with fresh water two or three times a day. The little white roots will begin to appear and you are on your way!


  1. I am not sure what to say. I like sprouts ...I like your sense of calm better...I even detected a tiny playful humor coming off those letters. If there is a last supper I hope we will be at the same table...with Shan ,Margo,MB, Steve and lets not forget Phil or ECK. I digress. Have a beautiful night!

  2. "One leaf left on a branch and not a sound of sadness or despair.
    One leaf left on a branch and no unhappiness.
    One leaf left all by itself in the air and it does not speak of loneliness or death.
    One leaf and it spends itself swaying mildly in the breeze."
    David Ignatow

    " time for a leaf is measured in cycles of Growth not in linear sadness and loneliness"

    This poem struck a chord in me years ago. I am remembering it tonight too. I can relate to much of what you write CD. I look forward to seeing and feeling more.

  3. Hurray!!! Thanks a lot, Countdown! Now I'm on my way with it too! I will have sprouts soon!

    I was thinking of you last week when I made my LIME IN THE COCONUT COCO PARTY LENTILS... here's the recipe should you enjoy the possibility...

    Half head of garlic
    Olive or coconut oil to saute
    2 c. lentils
    Can of coconut milk
    1/4-1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate powder
    2 limes

    Carmelize half a head of garlic (or one onion) in a pan of olive or coconut oil. When garlic or onion is caramel-colored, add in 2 cups lentils. Let lentils saute dry in oil for 5 minutes, then add water. Simmer until soft (maybe 30-45 min). About 10 minutes before removing from heat, add 14 oz. can of coconut milk, 1/4-1/2 cup cocoa powder, and the juice of 2 limes.

    Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up! :)

    My thanks to you!