Monday, April 6, 2009

Cosmic Weather

Cosmic Weather

Usually when people “know” something is going to happen, the anticipated event does not occur when or how it's expected. This principle has been amply demonstrated in the vast number of times the "end of the world" or "Christ's return" have been confidently predicted in the last two millennia.

Nowadays there is so much disaster and destruction hype being promulgated around the year 2012 that one can confidently suppose nothing of the sort will actually take place. Even some speaking from a Christian perspective (or imagining themselves to be doing so, at any rate) claim that this current time period is in fact the Great Tribulation and that Jesus Christ will return in the year 2012, establish one thousand years of peace, etc.

Never mind that Jesus Christ explicitly said, “Of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Mat. 24:36). Is it possible the Mayans got one past God Himself with their calendar?

This is not to suggest that the Mayan calender ending in 2012 is incidental or insignificant - far from it. But the mentality trying to associate this event with cataclysmic events like "the end of the world" is the same mentality that is on the endangered species list and about to go extinct.

It DOES seem that disruptive and destructive events are erupting with greater frequency and intensity, and this of course corresponds with a principle illustrated by Mayan Calendar, namely the shortened time periods of the last days and nights (see some of my earlier blogs on this).

The image that these times call to mind is of a weather pattern – cold, dry air contacting warm, moist air. Within their respective realms all is homogenous and quiet. But where they meet there is a storm front with rain, winds, thunder, lightening tornadoes, etc.

Some would say that the mental/material/masculine consciousness in which humanity has been immersed and operative is (to continue with the weather metaphor) a “front” encountering a consciousness of substantially different quality. Fireworks emanate from this, most particularly within those people or societal collectives highly identified with the older consciousness.

It is very likely that the world at large and a majority of individuals will continue to experience a lot of pain in the months and years ahead, but also likely that these experiences will come in surprising packages and on unexpected dates.

On the other hand, those who understand the patterns being played out and who are opting to EMBRACE transformation rather than RESIST it, will probably see more and more peaceful weather, regardless of how the skies look outside.


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  2. Wow Ruth. Excellent. So we can look to the event horizon of our own death as the end of the world. That's so right on.

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  4. RUTH speaks TRUTH:
    "In the World but not of it" or
    "In The Kingdom but not of it"
    This post rocks!CD

    Co-creating Beautiful Weather