Saturday, April 4, 2009

Button Pushers

Button Pushers

It is good to hang around with people who push your buttons. Not all the time of course, but as regularly as you can manage. It is like taking vitamins or medicine if you are sick (and aren't most of us somewhat sick, metaphysically speaking?).

Sometimes it is not optional - hanging around with button pushers, I mean. If a person has children, for example.

Children apparently have a mandate from the universe to ferret out every hidden button - especially from their own parents. They find them with the innate skill of those pigs that are able to sniff out truffle mushrooms buried deep and unseen underground.

Even a bystander can feel the energy then churning through the mother or father who has just had a spike-sized "button" driven through their heart. There is a gasp and a clutching for something to hold onto as it penetrates into that secret realm they wanted to KEEP secret, but which children unfailingly discover through random, seemingly innocent, activities - such as running and shouting and breaking things and making messes.

Usually when the disturbance comes it is like one of those immense solar flares that shoots incredible cosmic radiation into the rest of the planetary system, disrupting normal communications and thought processes.

A psychic lock-down happens almost automatically as this extreme energetic condition overwhelms the poor human in question, and normal consciousness evaporates into reactivity.

Omigod that damn button has been pushed! The one I hate for anyone to push! Reset! Reset!

It is a spiritual brownout. The sole intention of that person's entire existence immediately becomes reduced to: WHAT can be done to make whatever is presently happening STOP happening, or what has JUST happened NEVER happen again?

But there actually is another possible response to all this. The buttons are there, the button pushers are there, what is the surprise? It is going to happen, it just IS!

So, when you know that such a golden opportunity for inner growth and true spiritual development is coming your way, that is, when a button pusher is at hand, what should you do but rejoice?

"Rejoice and Make Choice" (to wax a little poetic on this theme). Because when someone's finger is settling on that inner button you thought was so well hidden, then there is an actual choice at hand.

Choice One: Let the auto-pilot take over like it usually does and the typical button-pushed result occur. Seek an outlet for those hard, unmanageable feelings that are seething around inside. Complain, blame and feel like crap now and later.

Choice Two:
Absorb the experience of letting the button be pushed without reacting to it. Without trying to make things "better" in the outer realm where the world has seemingly degenerated into chaos and anarchy. Without saying or doing something self protective. Without endeavoring to smooth out anyone's ruffled feelings or make the situation "all right."

Just be with it.

Let the button be pushed . . . and be with it.


  1. thank you i needed that!

  2. Brilliant!
    I am impressed...

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  4. Ruth, I feel that way too, in fact, I think everyone is becoming more and more brings great streams of paranoia and fear and the real-eye-sation of do do do,
    like we are entering the twilight is comforting to know I'm not the only one.
    'Just is' is not comfortable with these, quivering streaming energies, but it is also awesome when it's cleared and then you laugh your ass off in a stream like never before, it's like the big cosmic joke, we are all in the same boat. ;) Thanks CD!