Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finding Bridges

Finding Bridges

Finding bridges was always so necessary - a drastic imperative
shouting in the night.

For without them existence was too lonely. Like lost
worlds tumbling through the universe, light-eons from other
inhabited planets.

The bridge could make a connection from one realm to another, even though only intangibles crossed it.

Such intangibles as thought and feeling, expressed through something equally mystifying - words.

Strange entities, words! Eternal yet transient, requiring repetition
with every use, necessitating resurrection from their inevitable decay into silence.

There was a constant vigilant search for bridges, across which such yearning words could fly like carrier pigeons.

Bridges by which those same birds might return bearing distant messages of hope and comfort.

Until finally an unexpected message returned: “Be content without bridges.”

Then the words that had sought to flee upon pigeons swirled madly and forlornly.

Until swallowed up at last . . . by Silence.


  1. Nesia,
    your writings are very authentic, i so appreciate that. this one made me smile. I understand this paradox that repeates itself so perfectly in you felt words. I live it. Sometimes it reminds me of the infinity symbol,
    movement moving toward a focal point only to be released into a different direction and uniting. Crossing releasing uniting on and on and on, until one yeilds to the silent intelligence like the salmon giving itself over to the talons that penetrate into its flesh, finally being consumed becomes the eagle, the flight and the air that moves it .
    Please know your insights are deeply felt and appreciated and that you are not alone.
    thank you

  2. Today this post remembers me to the Dove, the Holy Spirit. Doves are a part of the Pigeon family...the ultimate carrier bridges required...I am comforted by this post and the sound of your voice here now...coo-coo.