Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dragon Jewel

The Dragon Jewel

The Darkness was like a dragon, with sharp claws and teeth binding the world into ignorance and misery. It coiled throughout the cosmos, blanketing life with serpentine vapors, suffocating and horrid. Yet in one claw it held a wish-granting jewel.

At last the gem begins to awaken, its surface glowing with gentle light. The sleep of death diffuses and the clenched coils of the beast gradually release their grip.

The flow of light, the movement of life, is unobstructed at last. Sensations arise so acute they are both pleasure and pain, a joy poignant with eons of sorrow and sacrifice - all moving into the embrace of eternity.

Darkness fades as dawn breaks. The dragon who embodied it surrenders his wrath. The monster had been keeper of truth, protector of mysteries, defender of the faith. Now he lays down his treasure humbly and serves the children of the day.

His strength becomes their fortress.

The wondrous jewel gleams, its brilliant innumerable facets illuminating a universe of limitless love.

And the day begins.


  1. Oh my heavens- what beauty! Thank you.

  2. It IS true. How astonishing and comforting to realize this. Strangely, I wrote a personal story yesterday that had the same "moral". My story sent me into the pits of Hell before being ejected by 'Old Faithful'. This beautiful story is cloaked in transparent gentleness. It makes me feel like I am standing in a soft rain shower witnessing a living rainbow, magical and real. Thank You.

  3. In the East, the Dragon represents...
    'Spiraling DNA'...this piece is
    truly, truly...
    a rare and precious gem!
    Thank you for all you give Nesia!

  4. I love that Suzette, being ejected by
    'Old Faithful'! Wow!

  5. Now he lays down his treasure humbly and serves the children of the day...and the vibes that rise like Fireflies illuminate our play.