Wednesday, April 22, 2009



As an infant, I drank nothing but milk. Now, I have but a teaspoon in my morning coffee.

As a toddler, I ate creamy substances from tiny bottles. Now I never touch the stuff.

As a boy I hated sweet potatoes because they made me nauseous. Now I love them.

Not that long ago I abhorred the intense taste of ginger. Now it has become a delicacy.

What a person wants and needs changes through life. What was appropriate during formative years may be inadequate for more mature periods, and vice versa.

What I believed about the nature of the cosmos as a child is not what I believed as a young man, nor is either of them what I believe now.

Some people propose that one point of view is sufficient for an entire lifetime. And there are some for whom this is their reality.

But I have seen that the things which nourish change over time.

And that to resist this is to deny and frustrate the hunger of one’s own heart.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful picture!
    Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Ginger & honey Yum!
    Funny, yesterday I went up into the attic and found some poetry I had written spanning the last 30 years, they are rather profound and's like we totally black out and starve in time! I was grateful for the nutrition in finding past present moment presents!
    Thanks for this meal of the heart Nesia, Mangiare abbondantemente!!!!!!

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