Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dissolving Problems

Dissolving Problems

I sought to solve my problematic life situations. Some of these were so complex, complicated and convoluted that solutions seemed impossible.

So then I sought to resolve them instead. Resolution could be considered a way to make peace with something that can’t be solved, dealing with the psychic rather than just the physical aspects of the situation.

But then I had a dream. Problems of all kinds were presented, one after another in rapid succession. A computer keyboard appeared and I was supposed to type the answers to these problems - right and wrong, yes or no to the challenging scenarios flashing by.

I felt how much effort this would take, how difficult and unrewarding it would be. There was a sense of futility mixed with obligation implied with each one.

And I said, No – I don’t have to do this.

I pushed the keyboard away. Released, let go . . . and the problems dissolved.

So there are solution, resolution and dissolution. But the greatest of these is dissolution.


  1. Such AWEsome dream visions we are! Thanks for sharing your experience CD we too are now blessed by it :)

  2. Solving my problems (and other people's problems) is probably the biggest addiction I have.

    And that in itself becomes the problem. "If only I could solve this addiction that I have with solving problems ..."

    How sweet is that sense of resolution ... Until the next problem to be resolved appears ...

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