Friday, April 3, 2009

Dream Within a Dream

Dream Within a Dream

I have the sense of losing someone I love – the visceral vision of this calamity, filled with pain. It is excruciating and I burst into tears.

Then . . . I wake up, still crying. It was a dream, but nevertheless about something real, an actual condition in my life. The tears continue in earnest and I suddenly recall that I’m alone in this place.

“How awful,” I think, “to lament with no one else to hear!” I rise and look around - the room seems unusually dark and foreboding. There is a stifling and sickly air to it, like a heavy blanket wrapped around reality.

Then . . . I wake up again. This ALSO was a dream - a dream within a dream. And this time the dawning light of consciousness is not imagined.

Without effort or attempt to make it happen, the breath begins. It draws deeply but effortlessly, inviting the subtle fire of life to enter and flame on. Like a rising sun it gradually dispels the intoxicating vapors of sleep.

Energy courses gently and unimpeded throughout the body. It flows invigoratingly into awareness and I realize I am after all, really alone. But my solitude is actually chosen and satisfying.

Moment by moment the power of presence pushes the dream world out. It exposes those hidden fears which have been operative beneath the radar of wakefulness, illuminating the anxieties that need to be embraced and comforted.

It’s gentle radiant warmth assures every disquieted fear, drawing each one into the peace of knowing . . .

that it is impossible to lose someone you love . . .

and impossible to cry alone.


  1. Wow, love that, I've read it 3 times lol Thanks for sharing your writing just keeps getting better and better, and it was awesome to begin with! Appreciate it!