Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Employers cut another 539,000 jobs from their payrolls in April according to the Labor Department. The unemployment rate rose to 8.9% from 8.5%, which is a 25-year high. Since the start of 2008 there have been 5.7 million job losses, bringing the current number of unemployed Americans to 13.7 million.

It is interesting to consider that the present global economic crisis began to manifest when Night Five of the Mayan Calendar Galactic Underworld started, as interpreted by Carl Johan Calleman.

Night Five ran from November 19, 2007 to November 12, 2008, and was characterized (in Calleman’s words) by a:

“deep crisis for global materialistic culture; destructive reaction.”

In his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (published in 2004), Calleman wrote:

“We have reason to expect that Night Five in the Galactic Underworld, essential the Gregorian year 2008, will be very difficult.

"The beginning of the Fifth Night, as with the collapse of the Roman economy in the National Underworld and the Great Depression in the Planetary Underworld, will be a major downturn.

"We can expect that the rule of Tezcatlipoca in the Galactic Underworld will mean a last violent assault by the forces seeking a return to the materialistic values of the Planetary Underworld.”

Those were prescient words, to be sure. No one could disagree that, economically speaking, 2008 has been a hell raiser.

The period we are now in is Day Six of the Galactic Underworld. It goes from November 13, 2008 to November 7, 2009. Calleman’s theme for this period is:

“Renaissance of advanced unifying synthesis.”

“Looking at the Galactic Underworld from the perspective of economics, we can expect that increasingly the Nights will be downturns, while the Days may be times when the 'new economy' is slightly more prosperous.”

It is fascinating to note that, in spite of ongoing dismal reports related to unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc, there has been a steady economic upward trend reflected in certain sectors of the stock market – dating from November 2008, the beginning of Day Six.

This surprising rally seems to substantiate Calleman’s indication of a developing new economy.


  1. I really appreciate this, CD. Thanks so much for explaining.

  2. This "new" economy has been developing since the 1960s.

    A major emphasis of the "new" economy is based on what works and what doesn't work.

    More and more people are becoming aware of what DOESN'T work (the old structures, beliefs and ways of doing things), and are becoming more and more in tune with what DOES work (structures, beliefs and ways of doing/being which are in tune with authenticity, integrity and intimacy).