Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not Doing

Not Doing

So much around us is constantly encouraging acquisition. We are prompted to buy and to consume, to improve ourselves, gain skills, further knowledge.

Even virtue is supposed to be “acquired.”

Physically, emotionally, intellectually, sexually and spiritually, we are perpetually pushed into a “getting” mode.

And whenever we don’t seem to be getting any, or getting enough, then by definition something is drastically wrong!

So why is it that the more we seem to have, the emptier it all feels?

The things we are inticed to acquire are forms, whether these be material or immaterial. Unfortunately, we cannot really possess any of them, since they are merely transient entities passing through our experience. None will last - they integrate then disintegrate, like all objects of creation.

Therefore, the attempt to find satisfaction in any of this is doomed to disappointment.

And we know this. Somewhere inside we know that our lives are deeper than what can be seen now.

We know OF eternity because our true home is IN eternity.

So the encouragement we really need is in letting go.

“Practice not doing,” says the Tao Te Ching, “and everything will fall into place.”

The letting go is not of loving people or caring about life, but rather in personal attachment and identification with those things.

Personally, I long for this encouragement and bless anyone who compassionately offers it.

It is difficult letting go of this world and of ourselves.

Our true friends are those brave souls who help us in doing it.

Or should we say . . . not doing it.


  1. A wise man recently said;

    ```````````````So I think````````````````````` `````````````just letting go`````````````````` ````````and trusting the process``````````````
    ``````````to fulfill its own way``````````````
    ``````````````in its own way``````````````````
    ````````````````is better`````````````````````

    pssst...I think it was your best friend ;)

  2. oohps! Oh well, ya just can't copy and paste! lol

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