Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Smiling Heart

The Smiling Heart

I walked along a river thinking of those I love dearly, whose lives mean so much to me.

There is history between us, years in common, things mutually understood and appreciated.

I love them because they mean so much to me.

Then my heart spoke, in its gentle but irresistible way.

“That is natural and good,” it said. “Of course you love those who mean so much to you.”

“But let us learn to love more, beyond the natural and good. Let us love those who until now have meant nothing, who also have nothing to offer in return for that love.”

And then I felt its pain in longing to give, yearning to extend past the boundaries of our world of private affections.

“Lead me,” I said gratefully to my heart. “Be my guide and my guru.”

And my heart smiled.


  1. Beautiful, enheartened! <3

  2. love this... what a perfect pic too :)