Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Raft

The Raft

I saw a raft floating down a river. Upon it stood a family – a man, a woman, some small children and a grandfather. They seemed to be from India, having dark skins and sari clothing.

The grandfather wore nothing but a white loin cloth. They were all thin, but he was emaciated.

Strangest of all, the grandfather sat perched on a branch of a short tree that protruded from the middle of the raft, looking like some scrawny chicken.

The tree was bushy but leafless, as though quite dead.

It was a picture of destitution, rife with symbolism.

And an unspoken question:

“Will you help them?”

I wanted to help – very much. But how?

The answer came as a movement of feeling awareness.

“Release them. Let them go.”

So I did.

And . . . they floated away.


  1. "Release them . Let them go."

    Sinking deeper and deeper into the heart
    it is so true,we bless All by releasing all , thus releasing ourselves.
    Awareness brings us through the focused funnel to cross, swoop and expand into trust.

  2. I hear a song coming on...please release me, let me go...da da da da...

    The world has taught us to be cling-ons... clinging only to that which is transient...God moves in mysterious ways.