Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting There

Getting There

I’m sitting at my desk and the inspiration comes to be elsewhere. There is a sense of this other place in my consciousness. For whatever reason it seems better than where I am just now.

But how do I make the transition from here to there? This process is like magic - really high tech tuff. Suddenly the hips swivel, the torso bends, the legs start churning - and we are off.

The body needs no micromanagement. I don’t have to tell the various muscles, nerves, sensors and all what do to. I don’t even have to keep the destination posted.

The mind can (and usually does) wander, get distracted, greet passers-by, etc. It interacts with other folks also moving on autopilot who are no more aware of the minute mechanics of their bodies than I am of mine.

And before long - I ARRIVE, having done not one conscious thing to accomplish the stupendous act of moving - other than entertain the vague impression that being where I now am was preferable.

What an amazing feat! And how cooperative the universe is! A person can be effortlessly picked up and moved to wherever they belive it is possible to go.

In my dreams I even fly, because I am not plagued with the unfortunate notion that this is undoable. But in WAKING dreams it often seems that to accomplish the heart’s desire a grand scheme must be thought through and implemented.

When it comes to moving from here to there in the spirit, one imagines the whole process has to be micromanaged. Prayers, confessions, meditations, mantras, chanting, visualizations – all this and more must be organized and tenaciously applied with brute force of will upon the fabric of one's existence and awareness.

But why should transitioning through the unseen occur differently than through the seen? Should it not be sufficient to perceive the beneficial place to which we aspire, to understand it is possible and permissible to be there rather than where we are, and then let the inner “body” deliver us to this destination according to its intrinsic magical skills?

Having recognized where we want to "be," can't we just release, relax and journey there without further premeditated effort?

We'll see.


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  2. That was awesome, CD! Loved that. What a nice spin on the... that thing I think about, that doesn't need to be thought about. :)

  3. As always really appreciate your sharing your insights and the comments too! Write on!

  4. We love creating obstacles, because by overcoming our obstacles we experience how powerful we are.

    Through this work you realise that you don't have to overcome your obstacles. You can release them or dissolve them. You replace effort with effortlessness.

    And that is when you are open to miracle conciousness.

  5. Brilliant! and I say Yes we can.