Sunday, February 8, 2009

Someone Who Knows What to Do

Some Who Knows What to Do

We are looking for someone who knows what to do. We are seeking the Answer Man capable of solving personal perplexion.

We want to find the guy who can fix the world's problems, who can fix our individual problems, who can make the pain, confusion and uncertainty go away - who can make us feel safe.

Thus, the political hoopla that constantly grips the world,and the excitement (leading inevitably to disappointment) over governmental figures promising to know what to do.

Only one person really knows what to do, but he doesn't promote himself as a leader or problem solver. He just is.

So, here's another Count Down song on the current subject.


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  2. GRRREAT Snog to clear the fog.
    Berift and adrift.
    purl stitch