Wednesday, February 4, 2009



I am alright with this day – nothing more is needed. It is not necessary for the heavens to open to my sight, nor need angels whisper in my ears. I am neither worthy nor unworthy. This life is enough.

I am alright with this moment – no remarkable revelation is required. My happiness and joy are sufficient as given; for this present breath I am grateful.

Praise God for the memory of love, of joy, of peace, for the ferocious kiss of lover’s passion, for the passionless pat of gentle kindness.

Praise God for this room in which I pray, for the chair in which I sit, the book I read, the coffee I drink, all that commends itself to the compassionate comfort of now.

Praise God for this passing moment, which recedes even now into the treasury of all that has ever been. Thanks both for that which is lost forever, and for that which is yet to be given.

Blessed be the stars above, the earth below, between which I pass as a vapor in the night, a fleeting entity to be remembered and forgotten forever. Blessed be my joys and my pains, my triumphs and failures, my ease and my struggles - all that has revealed life’s manifold wonders and mysteries as though playthings to a learning child.

Blessed be this me, the greatest mystery of all, this self so known yet unknown, deeply and continually experienced while remaining an everlasting stranger.

And blessed be what cannot even be fathomed or imagined – so that if this were the last opportunity, I should not have failed to thank all . . . for all.


  1. Your heartfelt words were so beautifully put that I instantly felt them in my heart.
    Enjoying the moment...

  2. ...but an angel will 'whisper' in your ear....
    i think I'm having a ' memory of a future'.