Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Great Water

The Great Water

Within our castles we are content with discontent. The hardened walls contain and protect our pasts and futures, hopes and fears, dreams and despondencies. We tour the crenellated walls and note the countless other castles which surround us on three sides. With some of these we make peace, with others we make war, with most we have no concourse whatsoever. And no one is allowed through the drawbridge.

To one side of this realm the Great Water abides upon the horizon. In the distance it fumes and crashes, a sonorous, eternal presence - which no one heeds. What have we to do with the Great Water? It keeps its place and we, content and discontent within our castles, keep ours.

For eons the world has been thus.

Yet the seers speak of a time in which all this shall change. A time of calamity and catclysm is prophesied to come, a time of upheaval and terror, in which the Great Water shall swell and overflow its appointed bounds. It is said that in the Day of Destruction, the waves shall lap closer and closer to this realm until at last moisture from the Deep shall touch our hardened walls.

And the magnificent castles that were supposed to be everlasting, that contained and protected our pasts and futures, hopes and fears, dreams and despondencies, shall bit by bit begin to crumble. The Great Water shall dissolve them block by block, grain by grain, until the native sand from which they arose returns again to its pristine state.

Then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. Magnificent and terrible, a wondrous devastation and fantastic undoing shall it be.

For when our castles have collapsed into nothingness, we who dwelt within them shall be liberated and freed from the walls that separated us from eternity.

Like babes newly born shall we look with new and innocent eyes upon a world never yet beheld. Washed and caressed by the Great Water, we shall discover our real home – in which all may dwell together in peace and true contentment forever.


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  2. So then I feel the best way to prepare is to wash down our own castle with as many tears as it takes. In the process, may be the neighbors will notice & take theirs down too. Moving through the Presence Presence once again (this time much faster & deeper), I can honestly say, I'm doing my fair share! I can only hope...
    Thanks for the post & Ruth's comment.

  3. Tribulation has been and will be
    until TPP brings DE Struction.
    Thanks MB