Friday, February 13, 2009

Letting Go

Letting Go

We are letting go. The world and its troubles have sucked the life away since day one. It has plugged into our heads, our hearts, our guts, even our sex. It devours every part of this human vital energy to use and manipulate in its own hellish ways. And it has been doing so for a long, long time.

Problems are presented continuously. There are so many, so intractable, so insolvable – they are a veritable caleidascope of runaway nightmares, piling on one another, overlapping, bursting into view over and over with electric jolts that painfully compel our complete attention.

They say, “This will never be OK; that will never be OK. Well, you must try with all your energy to make them become OK, but failure will result.”

Until at last some kind of revolt begins to occur within us – the body and psyche withdraws its commitment and connection to that world of suffering. Our exterior surface cracks as an amazing molting process commences: a new person preparing to step out of an old skin.

The world protests at this. “Don’t let go! All these problems are so important! You must try to figure everything out! You must not give up the fight!”

Yes, it has been quite a battle. But we are exhausted from it and of it.

Now, we are letting go.


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  2. I just got off the phone with a dear friend, she and I spoke about the entanglements of drama, how we have created problems because of our unwillingness to let go of expectations or hope of outcome. This can be so subtle and tricky.

    We discussed the symbolism of The Chariot, how if we try to control the reigns, there is resistance and discomfort... but if we hold lightly, we allow the sun (Spirit) to guide us, not knowing which way our hands will turn.

    We also spoke of the presence of Mother Mary in our lives. We both love to paint her and pray to her. She has been calling us to serve and we have heard her. With our attention there, we let go, surrender, and marvel at the peace we have been given in these stormy enlightening times.

    My understanding now of what "letting go" means has changed so much this year. It is becoming more and more often that I experience this. It is certainly not by my willing it or even by trying to accomplish it. That definitely doesn't work. It is almost funny to think back about how the "idea of letting go" terrified me so much for so long. Now I don't feel scared. I have been learning that letting go of attachments is always a good answer and the freedom that comes is sweet! and brings with it true fulfillment.

    So once again D, we are in tune. I converse about letting go, and then turn to find your reflection in my stream. Oh how I love that synchronicity!


  3. Abby, all day today I have been thinking that anything I don't let go of will be ripped from my clutches anyway! Your post here is so lovely I will come back to it as it is "always a good answer." It would be fun to take that little thing out of a "Magic 8 Ball" and erase all the messages and replace it some of your encouraging words.