Thursday, February 12, 2009



The world is out of balance, out of control – so much is wrong everywhere that gigantic efforts must be made to make it all right again.

Wait a minute . . . is that true?

Storms arise as conditions coagulate to bring them into manifestation. Hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes – every kind of geological or atmospheric event is produced by forces interacting in an overall state of equilibrium. High pressure here flows toward low pressure there. High temperature there flows toward low temperature here. Movement proceeds toward stillness and vice versa.

In the human realm it seems some people are constantly doing or experiencing something “wrong” while others are trying to prevent or undo that wrongness. But all this is on the surface of things – the external, the manifest dimension of life.

It may very well be that nothing is wrong at all, either collectively or individually. Storms occur, followed by more peaceful conditions, leading to other storms. Everything is happening just as it should, reflecting a system in perfect equilibrium throughout the whole.

The human perspective should be not to stop this or that from happening, but to experience it more deeply. To move beyond the surface waves and outer manifestation of wrongness, and discover how each occurance is a feature of universal balance.


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  2. And i heard whisper of mosquitoes being true acupuncturists. It all Right for NOW.