Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Indiscriminate Intimacy

Indiscriminate Intimacy

What the world is facing now is the energetic consequences of physical associations. In relationships between people, between cultures, between countries – even when modulated by an intermediary such as money – what happens energetically is where the real action is.

We are currently experiencing the effect of too much indiscriminate intimacy in the global economy. Financial fornication (or some other “f” word) has been enjoyed by some who have achieved unfair profit orgasms at the expense of others.

From an energetic point of view this is destructive to both parties, and the Holy Scriptures of various traditions counsel using discrimination with sex and money.

It is amazing to see the zeal with which random sex is hyped in the modern world. This is put forward as an indicator of success, a symbol of freedom, a promise of immortality - or some other delusional concept.

Bruce Springsteen began the latest Superbowl halftime show by sliding into the microphone stand with a huge grin. The implication was that his penis consisted of six feet of gleaming chrome, and that the following concert was a musical masturbation involving the audience’s vicarious participation.

Such cultural icons personalize the spiritual crisis which mankind is facing. Denseness of perception, dullness of thought, dangerous imbalance of energetic flow within and between people – all these are indicators of the global meltdown currently in progress.

But this is not a question of moral outrage. Morality is for people who need to be governed by rules they can’t feel – who must have the authority of external laws while lacking the inner resources to control themselves.

The central issue for man in these times is: how should one’s life energy be used?

Every interaction is more than physical. When bodies meet, energy fields and even consciousness co-mingle. Do you want to share inner energies with a stranger? Do you want to kiss a spiritual leper?

Awareness and circumspection are called for now. Wakefulness and caution are necessary to the health of one’s inner and outer domains.

For people whose energy is all over the map, the process of bringing it all back home may prove to be arduous – but it is the way to healing.

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