Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Insight

No Insight

Today’s insight is that there is no insight. At first I was daunted by this and saw it as an obstacle to my daily desire for something to understand a little bit more.

Well, today I don’t understand anything any better than I did yesterday.

What’s different though, is that I’m OK with that. I feel fine about it.

After all, cleverness is pretty much just ego candy. The obvious fact is that I am just as dense as others, possibly more so.

The universe patiently repeats itself for my sake. A friend points out that she has previously told me something more than once – a something completely unknown to me at that moment. Or I start to read a book that I’ve read many times already and think, “Were those words printed there before?” Moreover, it seems I must be "wrong" repeatedly before getting the message about how to be "right."

All of this has been very disconcerting, clear proof that my mind is like a sieve leaking out whatever is put into it. But why fight reality?

Brilliance would be nice, no doubt - a photographic memory, the ability to understand complex concepts and express them coherently to others, always having the right words on the tip of one’s tongue.

But it is also good, maybe better, to be content with what one has.

And today I have . . . no insight.


  1. I love that I get to tell you the same thing again and again and that's it's received by you as new information. If you remembered all the time what I'd said before then you would see even more my annoying habit of repeating myself, born out of a need to be heard! your friend, :)

  2. Loved this post today! Thanks for speaking for me too!!

  3. "cleverness is pretty much just ego candy" - LOVE THAT!

    Thanks - another liberating message -

  4. 'moreover' lovely