Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Solar Wind

The Solar Wind

It feels like sunshine, a radiant warmth that makes one’s flesh tingle. And not the outer skin only, but within to the emotions and deep feelings as well. It pushes into the subtle realms of the psyche and rushes like a tide against the frontiers of thought.

One senses it has always been present – subtle and yielding yet destined to dissolve and penetrate everything in its path – like water. It is a restorative, a healer, realigning the fine characteristics of human beingness to their proper orientation and quality.

The ego is combed over and brushed luxuriously within the streaming waves of solar wind. It is not destroyed but rather illuminated and set right, fitted into its natural place within the whole.

The body rejoices in this supernal warmth, in the caress of cosmic radiant embrace. It has longed for its true lover, and aged itself in the seemingly hopeless search for an intimacy that does not diminish.

Even the mind, that last stalwart holdout for the realm of personality, that self-ordained protector of what is inherently limited and finite, recognizes the banner of its savior and releases its grip upon the reigns of control.

Secretly it is glad to be relieved of a responsibility beyond its ability.

The solar wind bathes them all, rinses in its unimaginable power the naked reality of personhood, making of the incarnate being both infinitely more, and infinitely less, than it had been.


  1. YES... we are heading into the dawn of the cosmic day!!!!!!

  2. ..."the waves of golden light will travel the Earth and touch all of it's' people."

  3. yes! it feels like the end of the world! sure this will happen nobody cab hide from it.even richest person on the earth.we are seriously leading towards the day called armmagedon.