Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eating Seeds

Eating Seeds

After simmering merrily for around eight hours, the bean and grain mix has transformed itself into a brothy stew whose fragrance hangs invitingly in there air. Usually at this point I transfer the beans to a stove-top pot to keep the simmer strong when new items are added to it.

Now it needs some vegetables to make the meal complete. For tonight’s particular stew I am adding two potatoes, a white onion, a garlic, a tomato (all whole), and some fresh rosemary from my garden.

These are scrubbed and rinsed fervently, then sliced into large pieces and dumped into the broth. Soon after the pot returns to a boil it is ready to eat. The longer the ingredients simmer the more subdued and soft they will become.

Personally, I have a couple errands so head out the door for an hour. When I come back the bean stew is complete and delicious – far better than anything prepared by assembly-line chefs who don’t know their customers. Who knows what kinds of thoughts and emotions go into those foods?

Spoon the stew into a dish, add a few fresh sprouts (also made in my kitchen) and enjoy! This pot will provide dinner for four or five days, and taste good every single time.

It is a beautiful meal that goes down easy.

It will cheer and nourish body, heart and spirit, and leave the mind with a sense of satisfied self-sufficiency.


  1. Not to mention it is so visually appealing. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  2. Beans for Monday night's dinner are soaking right now! Can't wait...
    Now, please go over the sprouting process.
    Thanks a bunch:)