Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clock in to the Dream

Clock in to the Dream

There it was, a green metal box on the wall with a real-time clock. “Bing!” it would chime with each passing minute. There was a slot at the bottom for time cards to go in and get punched, and a sign on it that read “You will not be counted until you punch in.”

So I stood there, time card in hand, strangely hesitant. Other people cut in front of me, impatient with my delay. They zipped their cards through the slot and the metal box punched them with an ominous sounding “clunk!”

As soon as these people had punched in, intense emotions were visible on their faces.

Fear, anxiety, dread, anger, resentment and more – all these took hold immediately.

Above the time clock in bold letters was written:


I sighed and backed away. Somehow I just couldn’t do it.

To one side was another, smaller time clock. For me alone.

I knew that this was the clock of my personal dream, and also knew well what would happen if I punched in there.

My day would be filled to the brim with self-loathing, regret, blame, guilt, despair, frustrating memories from the past and fearful projections about the future.

I shook my head at both of them. No!

On this one day at least, I will not clock in to the dreams.

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