Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Six Feedback

Day Six Feedback

Exactly four months ago on November 13, 2008, “Day Six” of the Mayan Galactic Underworld began. “Countdown to 2012” noted this historic event with its kickoff blog entry, repeated below for reference.

Carl Johan Calleman set forth his notions concerning what this period we are presently living through would be all about in his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. He describes its salient characteristics as:

“Renaissance of advanced unifying synthesis: tense coexistence of East and West and between new spirituality and the remnants of the global materialistic power.”

Since we are – as of today – one third of the way into Day Six, it could be interesting to ask a question: are there any indications in our personal lives or in world events whether this renaissance of advanced unifying synthesis and tense coexistence of East and West and between new spirituality and the remnants of the global materialistic power . . . is in fact occurring?

One possibility is the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. So much about this development is unique in the history of our nation and of these times. As a man Obama does seem to be the result of a unifying synthesis. And as a functionary he seems oriented toward bringing unifying synthesis into manifestation. Others may disagree of course, and politics per se is certainly not the point of the question.

I would like to invite any motivated readers to offer their views on this subject.

What do you see in your own experience or in the global community that either substantiates or refutes Calleman’s Day Six themes? All comments will be welcome.

Day Six of the Mayan Galactic Underworld Begins
(First blog entry of Countdown to 2012)

Thursday November 13, 2008 marked the beginning of “Day Six” of the Mayan Galactic Underworld according to Carl Johan Calleman, author of “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.” The Galactic Underworld spans a nine year period between January 5, 1999 and October 28, 2011. Calleman’s calculations differ by some months from other scholars of the Mayan Calendar, who have put the conclusion of the Mayan Long Count at December 21, 2012.

Regardless of who is be right on that point, the verdict will be clear to everyone in not many years. A lot of other prophetic literature is also pointing to this same time period, so there is widespread agreement that major changes, both personal and collective, are going to be put in place at that time.

In fact this is already occurring. Night Five of the Galactic Underworld concluded on November 12, 2008, having begun on November 19 of the previous year. “The Mayan Calendar” was published in 2004, yet Calleman wrote about the forthcoming (for him) Fifth Night as follows: “Deep crisis for global materialistic culture; destructive reaction; ‘Armageddon.’”

A deep crisis for global materialistic culture? To say the least! According to CNN, nearly one million American homes have been lost to foreclosure since the housing crisis hit in August 2007. “October marks the 34th consecutive month where U.S. foreclosure activity has increased compared to the prior year” (James J. Saccacio, chief financial officer of RealtyTrac).

85,000 homes were lost to foreclosure in October alone. At the same time, jobless claims in the United States are currently the highest they’ve been since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Department of Labor reported 516,000 initial filings for the week ending November 8, and the labor market continues to deteriorate.

Last week GM’s stock sank below $3.00 per share for the first time since 1943, and the company is seeking assistance from the government. Most companies are not “important” enough to warrant governmental attention and so simply go bankrupt. Retail sales in October suffered the worst monthly drop on record. The ever expanding crisis has taken the Dow down 40% from its high, the S&P 500 is off 42% and Nasdaq 46%. These are staggering numbers that represent an incredible annihilation of wealth.

World leaders are meeting frantically to try to staunch the economic hemorrhaging, but they are operating from a mentality that is fundamentally flawed. The fact is, people don’t NEED all the new cars with fancy new gizmos that Detroit wants to build. They don’t need the vast majority of consumer objects that are hyped upon them relentlessly, to which generations have become slavishly addicted. At the end of their lives it will not matter if they bought a new car in 2008.

But, as stated earlier, Night Five of the Galactic Underworld has just ended and Day Six is just beginning. What does Calleman expect to occur in Day Six? “Renaissance of advanced unifying synthesis: tense coexistence of East and West and between new spirituality and the remnants of the global materialistic power.” This sounds promising, but not necessarily easy or painless.

So we’ll see how it goes and what Day Six brings for us all to experience and grow through. At the end of our lives it won’t matter if we bought a new car in 2008 or 2009. But what WILL matter? That is the question we all need to ask ourselves.


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  2. What I notice most about myself in Day Six is an acceleration a very, very natural and joyous urge to be as self-sufficient as possible in my partnership which precipitated an engagement to my fiance. He senses within me a desire to truly stand next to him and for our love to make "the world" a better place through our ability to stand whole, yet together, with no leaning.

    In my physical life, I notice a very natural craving for self sufficiency in terms of a better garden than last year, better tasting eggs (less gamey), filling my freezer with fish I caught and deer I shot. Also drinking a gallon of water a day and never missing any workouts: walking, solitary Ashtanga yoga and Bowflex.

    Regarding Obama, I am very skeptical. I believe him to be a puppet designed to distract us into thinking there is someone outside us who will save us. I find it disturbing beyond belief watching his zombie like followers slobbering in line behind him, giving away their power, believing that just because he is thin and elegant and his wife is winning the "arms race" against Madonna and other buff movie stars, and because of his self proclaimed "mutt" heritage that he is here to SAVE US. No one is coming to save us and I am very weary of anyone who takes on that role, let alone someone who laps it up like cream.

    The Mayan calendar predicts economic COLLAPSE. Our government has an agenda to ensure that this happens. It's not a is an agenda...and it will happen just as everything else in the Mayan calendar has come to pass.

    The aspect of Obama's presidency that sickens me most is watching Oprah, Jon Bonjovi and Forest Whitaker blither on about "their takeaway" from the inautural party that looked like a pretty darn expensive excuse for a police state to me.

    No one is coming to save us.

    To think for a minute Obama wasn't selected by the Illuminati is foolish in my opinion. Anyone can be filmed dropping their JCrew clad children off at school. It makes me sick that JCrew's sold out of the clothing his children wore one day after his swearing in and "broke" their website. And last I heard, cigarette addiction was a sign of sedation and control that doesn't denote balance to me. Having the genes of a tall thin black man is the luck of the draw.

    To my mind, Obama is not the person who will lead us through this 6th night, he is a master slight of hand puppet that will keep most of the sheeple distracted enough to not really prepare for what is coming because they are so hypnotized by his oratory skills and promises that he will take care of their problems that by the time we align with the Hunab Ku, Niribu passes through our solar system and whatever else is scheduled for the next three years, most of the people in our country will have spent so much time running out to the mail box looking for the check he promised so they can buy new appliances that the will be up shit's creek without a paddle.

    If Obama would have postponed passing the porkulous package to fulfill his promise of transparency (hello, he didn't even read it) and remove the earmarks which is a promise he was elected on, I may grant him some leniencey. But as a practioner of radical honesty, his lies have influenced me to pack my pantry with beans and wait to share joyously with those who will need them when what we will soon face is life in a third world agrarian society.

    I am not in the least bit optimistic that he is anything more than an Illuminati puppet and I hope he enjoys being the only black man at Bohemian Grove this year for the cremation of care.

    Before I raise any shackles and people tell me not to go into fear. Believe me I am not afriad. Being here for the 2012 portal is the purpose of my incarnation and I am relieved to see us moving in the direction of the collapse in much the same way I'm enjoying tilling my compost into my garden for planting time.

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  4. And I yours Ruth! The truth is prolly somewhere in between. I'm just a conservative, too...which is rare in "our circles." I'm actually a ginormous fan of Sarah Palin, pro-Life and pro-LGBTQ equality in marriage so am a rare pidgeonhole-less bird myself.

    I wish I could see it more your way...but to me he has assembled a crew of very gleeful Hollywood elite who purport that the American Dream as that of "mansions, fleets of Hummers, and more shoes then Emelda Marcos" and that dream...if everyone on the planet fulfilled it a la "The Secret" (thanks again Oprah dear for making that crock steaming pile a best seller) would destroy the whole world, raping it of its natural resources. Gaia simply can not support 6 billion people with a lifestyle like Oprah's. The carbon foot print alone.....

    I was also appalled by him when Obama refused to answer Reverand Warren (Saddleback church forum) regarding when life beings saying it is "above his pay grade," and that he says marriage is for one man and one woman (both very cowardly responses to me). I wrote a paper on abortion in 8th grade and though I may have changed my mind a million times on the issue, at least I have the courage of my convictions and am not afraid to be honest.

    Fun commentary and you know I love you no matter what to Ruth and whomever else decides to share their opinion. Take mine with a grain of salt. I just could not be more right wing when it comes to the government telling me I can't have a gun to use to feed myself or that I have to fork over half of my retirement (which I have) to pay for a package that has very little simulus in it whatsoever. And if we stop spending (which I have) there will be no way the government can recoup and it is not above my pay grade to say many of the children who will be born in years to come are the ones who are going to go without...

    Okay -- I've said enough! TRULY in the spirit of sharing. It is so seldom any of my liberal friends ask what I think so I certainly don't mean to be confrontational, soap boxey sure -- I'll cop to that. Honest. YES!

    Just remember opinions are like assholes. Everyone as them and some of them stink (mine included).

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  6. Love to you CD and Ruth both!

    Not sorry for the excessive commentary banter personally as you did ask! I think the sharing is WONDERFUL and this is one place I think we can all feel safe. I know I do -- and if I'm gonna get rotten tomatoes thrown at me for being a conservative, it is my own bias that this would most likely be a place where I'd get lots of boohs considering most people who would even consider reading this blog prolly voted for Obama.

    ONE LAST THING! I have two friends down here in rural Arkansas who revealed to me awhile ago that they were illiterate! I taught them both to read. They didn't even know Obama was running for president. One of the women who had never voted in her life (at age 51) said she wanted to vote for the black man. YES! You should. I am voting for the old white man and the pretty white lady - but if you want to vote for the black man OF COURSE you SHOULD. The ballot was above her reading level so I went in the voting booth with her and there we stood, side by side, canceling each other out. We left the booth doing a "boobie high five" as we call it (hands behind our back nocking breasts) and went out for fried fish to celebrate.