Monday, March 9, 2009

A Good Day to Die

A Good Day to Die

One of the great lines from the Movie “Little Big Man” was spoken by actual native American Chief Dan George:

“It is a good day to die.”

These words definitely had comic overtones, especially when the chief lay outside out on a hill expecting his spirit to depart – which it refused to do. Still, the message of non-attachment - both to the world and to one’s own life - was profound.

For most modern people, there is NO good day to die. Death is considered an interruption and intrusion into the realm of reality they try to maintain – a realm whose primary characteristics are comfort and control.

But what if death is misunderstood? What if it is a great beneficiary? What if it is “the end of illusion,” as Eckhart Tolle says? What if it is waking up to truth?

Current global developments, as well as prophetic literature from many cultures, suggest that the world is presently moving toward its death, and that the process is both natural and necessary.

The world's death will be perceived in terms of disaster and dissolution by those resistant to the experience. There is likely to be an increase of drama and difficulty everywhere, especially in the years leading up to the Mayan Calendar end in 2012.

The dysfunctional “world as we knew it” is slated by scriptures, those in ink and those in stone, to end. This may well result in scenes of calamity, but something quite different is also slated to emerge at the end – something brilliant, indestructible and incorruptible.

The Bible calls the world to come “The New Jerusalem,” a heavenly city populated by angelic beings. These are the people who have been purified through experiencing the Great Tribulation - those who have learned to embrace "death" voluntarily, to let go of themselves as they were and be remade into an image that cannot die.

So, for this present world with its murders, its rapes, its thefts, its hating and hoarding; its insanity and arrogance – it is a very good day to die.

Let us . . . let it go.


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  2. I have felt for awhile now 'the timing is right' .
    I Now do NOT worry, gifted with the divine intuition ALL is in perfect timing. It's all ways
    "a good day to die'. Thank you for All of Nesia.