Friday, December 12, 2008

The Outlook is Bright

The outlook is bright

• Drought will become more prevalent globally.
• At least 36 U.S. states expect to face water shortages within five years.
• Water conditions worldwide are predicted to become worse.
• By the 2020’s up to 250 million people in Africa may lose access to clean water.
• Twenty to thirty percent of the world’s plant and animal species are on the brink of extinction.
• There has been a four-fold increase in the number of forest fires.
• There has been a six-fold expansion of acres burned in the United States by fire.
• Insect infestations have killed millions of acres of forests in North America.
• Flooding by rising sea levels may put hundreds of millions of people at risk.
• Melting arctic ice could release enough methane to create a runaway greenhouse effect.
• Financially, during 2008 global stock markets have lost half their value.
• Every major asset class – stocks, real estate, commodities, even high-yield bonds – has suffered double digit percentage losses.
• Over $30 trillion of paper wealth has been destroyed worldwide.
• Net worth of Americans declined by $2.8 trillion, or 4.7%, in the third quarter of 2008.

It would be easy to list more points - unemployment, foreclosures, etc. In short, the world is in pain.

Specialists talk in terms of economic cycles – of how long this recession will last and the fear that it may become a depression.

Psychically, it is already a depression. The world is a depressing place. Either people are suffering in the most tangible ways, or they are using the buffer of wealth and privilege to sedate themselves away from reality.

And reality is becoming increasingly evident. Coming into stark relief is a human culture not only self-destructive, but so insane as to make its own environment unlivable. Humanity is like a sick person who vomits and defecates in his bed.

But the outlook is bright. When pain becomes unbearable, there is more motivation to change.


  1. And do you know what the answer is?

    Forgiveness. Of everyone. And everything.

    That's how we heal all of this nonsense. That's how we free ourselves of it.

    However you look at it, there are a lot of negative energies about in this world. And they are becoming more and more powerful. Any news report will tell you that.

    So what we, human beings, do, is we resist them like crazy, we fight against them with all our might, or we suffer and wallow in them with helplessness and despair (which are just two more of these energies feeding voraciously at the banquet gratefully served by humanity).

    None of which works, because all it does is feed this demonic, parasitic energy. Because that is what it is. And, in fighting and struggling and suffering against them, it completely saps our energy, our life-force.

    Michael wrote some really amazing stuff about this in "Being Our Companion" - which you can download in his section on "Books" on

    I think it's in a reply he has to a question about heroin use.

    And I am getting more and more present to these type of entities, to these type of energies. I know them very, very intimately, because they infiltrated me for many years, and I was powerless and helpless against them. Fortunately, through the grace of God - or whatever - I think I have managed to release myself from their grip to a large degree.

    And, through the power of forgiveness, I am regaining my strength and power and taking back the energy and life-force that they have stolen from me. Because forgiveness is their only weakness, their only vulnerability. They have no defence against it whatsoever.

    Here is a forgiveness practice that I started applying today. It relates to my need to react, as well as a friend of mine (who we shall call x) who seems to be deeply affected with all of these energies. You are free to apply it if you so choose:

    Hello entities that pull at me and cause me to react
    We see you
    We forgive you
    We bless you
    And we release you to the light of God

    Hello entities controlling x
    We see you
    We forgive you
    We bless you
    And we release you to the light of God

    I feel better and better every time I apply it.

  2. I not only enjoy your writing (you include facts as well as your feelings & thoughts) but put in great pictures. Overall, it's a feast.
    Many thanks.

  3. All the more reason to go in and seek the'Dazzling Darkness' That which is beyond what the little vibrational beings of words can transmit...the mystery that is and is not, before even 'Oneness' was created...which became the duality of consciousness and phyche... so that consciousness could see himself in her reflection. Who through love as ONE birthed the cosmos. That is the place to abide within us. When we close our eyes to the outside dream/nightmare and look in...and the thoughts stop and all one can hear is the swooooooooooooooooooooooooshing of our heart, one with our breath. When the sound waves from outside pierce in through the ear, Presence will do the talkin'. All this stuff does not abide there when we go in deep enough...check it out, I intend to go hang there now :-D

  4. PS Nesia, your writing always moves me, in this case to get my ass in gear!
    Thank-you... deeply appreciated!!!

  5. PSS...see the creepy spelling error? Without the 'S''s just not quite right lol, but I forgive 'it' Phil :-)

  6. No one is suffering. Everyone is suffering. Humanity is self-destructive. Humanity is ever evolving. Full moon tonight. High winds and snow tomorrow. The watcher sits in silence as dead autumn leaves blow about his feet. The world is still a beautiful place.

  7. This IS the spiritual experience that we have all been looking for.

    We all chose to be here at this particular time, because we all knew what would unfold. And we didn't want to miss out on it. Because, as it goes, this is an incredibly exciting and spectacular time to be alive as a human being. The things that are unhappening and will be unhappening are unprecedented. Who would want to miss out on that?

    Once all the debris and garbage is cleared away - come 2011/2012/2013, or maybe, at a later undetermined date - we will all be present to something wonderful, something incredible, something divine and heavenly.

    This is the bountiful harvest that we are currently planting, by attending to all our "stuff" with love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

  8. Wow! Thats a funny thing! I meant to say "The things that are happening and will be happening are unprecedented"

    But in a sense, it's true, all of these things will be unhappening, in a sense.

    But, it does beg the question, who wrote the "unhappening" bit there?

  9. Yeah Mother Earth is beautiful, her beauty unfolds more and more as we become intimate...And it is a comfort that we are here, in our Mother Earth to that Watchers' comment.

  10. as things are unhappening...and Mother Earth is unfolding, and through our undoings we become more intimate,"What kind of experiences can we have to snap us out of this trance and show us that we are all connected...and that we are so much more than we think we are?"

  11. If you know of a way to snap out quickly with an 'experiencial' total recall of our multi dimentional radiant beingness and who we really are, please share.