Monday, December 1, 2008

The Galactic Underworld

The Galactic Underworld

As stated in a previous entry, we are currently in Day Six of the Galactic Underworld according to Carl Johan Calleman. The Galactic Underworld is supposed to last from January 5, 1999 to October 28, 2011, and be thematically described as: “The evolution of galactic consciousness,” characterized by transcendence of the material framework of life, telepathy, living on light and genetic technology.

The ninth "Universal" Underworld is yet to come. It is the last and the shortest, lasting only 260 days - starting February 2011 and ending (as do all the underworlds) on October 28, 2011 (per Calleman). The Galactic Underworld is intended to prepare and unify people for the Universal Underworld, which should bring about an enlightened state for all mankind: “The evolution of cosmic consciousness – no limiting thoughts, timelessness, no organizing boundaries.”

“Prepare and unify”? Hmm. For me a more accurate description of the sensation would be: “Cut into tiny pieces, beat with a meat cleaver and subject to intense heat until thoroughly burned.” But maybe that is how “preparation” feels to certain people.

Though a firm believer in the proposition that “with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:6), I have noticed that even things that are predicted and prophesied can appear in unexpected ways. Therefore I don’t have the comfortable conviction that God will effortlessly bestow cosmic consciousness on the world at large within a few short years.

It is certainly true that fault lines can appear in history and bring sudden developments that seem like miraculous non-sequiturs to what was before. But somehow these are generally things that no one – or almost no one – had been thinking about - whereas "enlightenment" or whatever you want to call it has been in the background of human aspiration for as long as anyone can remember.

Given what’s going on in the world right now, terrible killings in Mumbai, people being trampled to death by frantic Walmart Christmas shoppers, Detroit automakers on the verge of bankruptcy, worldwide economic collapse with millions unemployed, etc., it is hard to visualize the kingdom of heaven suddenly appearing on earth or the New Jerusalem descending from the sky.

Such things may very well occur – but will they happen “on schedule” and according to preconceived notions? Sure, the Mayan calendar ends in 2011 or 2012 (depending on who you ask), marking an extraordinary conclusion to a vast span of planetary time-keeping. But it is also quite possible that nothing will seem different the following day – at least outwardly.

As usual, I think the transformative work has to be done within each person, and if it doesn’t happen there, it just doesn’t happen. So, if angels DO appear, they may well end up tapping their toes while waiting for lots of people to get with the program.

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