Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Blank Canvas of 2009

The Blank Canvas of 2009

Usually the yearly transition means no fanfare for me. I stopped making New Year Resolutions long ago because they were always so forgettable - and in fact immediately forgotten.

This year there is a difference, though there won’t be a “resolution” in the form of forgettable words.

The year 2008 was dramatic and dynamic, with so much to grow from. Surely 2009 will bring things into awareness that are both old and new, familiar yet completely unexpected.

How will we be with the revelation of this New Year and its challenging opportunities?

Will we be taken off guard by desiring certainty and comfort when life is presenting what feels like uncertainty and discomfort?

Will we glibly speak of things not yet experienced or assimilated?

A canvas awaits that will be painted by our interaction with the universe. A brush stroke will be made by the "painter," followed by another by THE PAINTER. Back and forth we will go, creating either a “work of art” or a “work o fart.”

My resolution for this new year of 2009 is to be with this living composition - and to strive to bring awareness of the Gift of trust into each brush stroke.

God will make his strokes, and no doubt some will seem too scary or demanding.

In response I will make mine,trying as best I can to respond faithfully and truly to the life shown in His.

Hopefully together this back and forth between us will gradually form an image that is authentic. Not syrupy with some sort of conceptual notion of how life should be, but as honest as I have learned how to be.

For now I contemplate the image yet unseen that will begin to take shape as the promise of the days unfolds.


  1. You don't need to worry about whether your brush strokes will be authentic, Nesia. The nature of who you are being here IS authentic.

    And God asks for nothing more from us, I think.

    Don't worry, folks, I'll be write back here in a while with that essay that I'm about to prepare ;o)

    May 2009 be blessful and blissful for us all ...

  2. Thank you for encouraging trust in the Universe
    appreciate your insight and Humor. Appears you are right on the mark with brush poised, which is comforting as we head into the New Year.

  3. Oh me oh my, I started out the year a true
    'Work of Fart'!!! I am painting right over January's canvas and giving my focus and trust to being more fully present with each brush stroke now... CD :-)
    Gee Wiz what a mess I can you feel that way too sometimes and fearful that you have missed the boat?

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