Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Haunted Lives

Haunted Lives

A popular current TV program is about ghost busting. It depicts a team of guys who spend their nights in creepy places deemed to be haunted. The spirits they encounter in those places are typically malevolent – angry, frustrated, vengeful. Well, who wouldn’t be upset at being stuck in such ugly places?

The idea of discarnate spirits abiding on earth and terrifying other humans has tremendous psychic appeal. Probably every culture recognizes ghosts, goblins and ghouls in one way or another. In America we celebrate Halloween with zeal, and there is even a cartoon called “Caspar the Friendly Ghost.”

But the resonance people feel with the departed dead may have less to do with an “us versus them” perception than a “we are them” one – although deeply unconscious.

A “ghost” is by definition incomplete – not fully present. Otherwise it wouldn’t still be hanging around in this realm. It is a portion of some entity, a fragment of consciousness or energy that is unbalanced and unresolved. As such it cannot help being basically unsound and what we would call evil.

What makes ghosts fascinating is the fact that most of us with living physical bodies are pretty much like them. Our lives are haunted – and yes, by malevolent spirits. Watch the news, read a book, take in a movie - you will see virtually nothing but dysfunctional people with evil intentions.

Then bring the concept home and take a look inside – if you dare. Consider the self-seeking, unfeeling spirit that has been directing your course for so many years - and ask whether or not your life is haunted.

But there's hope . . . the exorcist is coming.

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